The “What if We…” Approach

By Cavell McDermott, Mobile Solution Architect

“What if we…?” These words have been spoken at the beginning of many sentences over the past 30 years at Stratix. The thoughts that followed these words have kept our customers at the forefront of enterprise mobility as it has evolved throughout this time period. Constant innovation has been the hallmark of the Stratix brand. Back in the 80s, mobility meant pushing a computer and printer on a cart powered by a big battery. The purpose was to update shelf tags while walking down the aisle. This was actually a project that started our partnership with a large building supply retailer all the way back in 1986. Mobility pioneers!

Obviously, the industry looks a bit different now than it did in 1986. But the “what if we…” approach has not changed at Stratix. We’re constantly finding ways to help our customers implement, integrate, and optimize their businesses with emerging technologies.

  • What if we design a vibration reducing mount so a tablet can survive attached to a forklift?
    Did it.
  • What if a customer wants to take a tablet into a refrigerated area? They’ll need a heated case.
    Did that too.
  • What if a retail store has limited counter space and needs to charge more than one device type? Nothing is commercially available for purchase. Let’s plan, design, and build a custom charging station!
    3d printed prototype, delivered.
  • What if we design a customer portal that can manage customers’ mobile assets from cradle to grave, while giving them real time, business relevant data in an easy to digest format?
    That’s itrac360.

Maintaining the status quo is the antithesis of our business practices. Plan, deploy, support, analyze… Rinse. Repeat. The mobile landscape changes rapidly, and it’s our duty to ensure that we’re always at the forefront. In fact, we call it the mobile revolution. We deliver and support the best possible mobile solutions to our customers. Do you have gaps in your available resources or expertise? We can fill them. Want to have an industry leader manage your entire mobile infrastructure? We can do that too.

Our goal is to simplify enterprise mobility, and let you focus on running your business.

Watch this 2-minute video to learn more about Stratix.