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Are Your Providers Invested in You?

There are endless companies out there that want to sell you something, but how many stay focused on you to ensure you get value from the products and services you've purchased after the deal is done?

Enterprise mobility solutions are complex with many moving parts, so you need a managed mobility services provider who's always working to help you achieve the outcomes you want.

Do you have a single point of contact who understands how your organization works? Are they constantly checking resources like inventory levels, so you have what you need? Can you reach out to them for problem resolution? Will they look ahead for ways to use technology to improve workflows and productivity?

Leverage a Genuine Partnership

At Stratix, you'll get a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who's with you from deployment onwards. Your goals are their goals.

Our CSMs ensure your enterprise mobility programs are running smoothly and delivering what we promised. They find opportunities for improvement in areas like user experience, efficiency, productivity, and new use cases.

Your Customer Success Manager is a proactive partner who's always looking out for you to help achieve your goals.

Strategic Collaborators Who Ensure Success and Bring New Ideas

Invested in You

A dedicated resource at Stratix responsible for working with sales, operations, support, and product teams to troubleshoot and collaborate with you on how to get the most value from our services.

Thought Leader

Presenting opportunities and product updates that you can capitalize on to improve workflows, productivity, and revenue.

Data Analyst

Proactive analysis of performance data for fine-tuning your enterprise mobility solutions to achieve your desired business outcomes and drive the best possible end-user experiences.

Information Resource

Working with you to get maximum value from Stratix's itrac360 for comprehensive mobile asset management and visibility.

Second Set of Eyes

Our CSMs help manage device inventory levels and the other parts of your enterprise mobility solutions to ensure you have the resources needed to avoid downtime and drive maximum productivity.

Seamless Order Fulfillment

Coordinating order management and working with stakeholders on provisioning and on-time shipment.

Why Stratix?

Our customer success team is focused on making sure your expectations and needs are met every day. We do that by proactively managing your enterprise mobility programs, working to build a valuable relationship with you, and concentrating on your long-term goals.

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