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Endpoint Management That Protects

Maintaining and protecting thousands of mobile devices is a mammoth job for IT teams, so it's critical to automate as many tasks as possible.

Endpoint solutions like mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM), and unified endpoint management (UEM) save IT teams significant time and labor.

Stratix has deep experience and expertise in enterprise mobility management solutions, and we partner with the best names in the field. We'll help you see through the complexity to choose the right product for your needs.

Let us smoothly migrate you to your new MDM/EMM/UEM platform, and we can even handle all the day-to-day maintenance—freeing up your internal resources for other tasks.


Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

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Lessen Your Workload with Effective Enterprise Mobility Management

Active Endpoint Security

Prevent, detect, and remediate attacks, block bad actor access with identity management, and constantly scan for viruses and malware.

Minimize Downtime

Automated endpoint management keeps devices running smoothly throughout your entire mobile environment while taking the burden off IT staff.

You Set the Rules

Know when devices don't comply with your policies; track devices using GPS; monitor, update, and troubleshoot devices in real-time; lock or remotely wipe apps and data when you need to.

Fast Deployments

Quickly roll out new projects. Deploy, manage, and support – push updates, new applications, backup, and restoration.

Leverage Data

Parse information from your mobile devices to uncover patterns that can improve productivity or spot signs of trouble.

Improve ROI

You get the most from your enterprise mobility investments with automation and endpoint protection that reduces problems and increases productivity.

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