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Good Experiences are Critical to the Brand

Digital touchpoints like mobile POS devices, kiosks, and applications are the most frequent way customers interact with franchise locations now. If those experiences aren't easy and frictionless, they can impact a customer's opinion of the whole brand.

Many franchise organizations struggle with technology. There's often little uniformity, a lack of corporate control, weak security, and poor support. That leads to unacceptable downtime and poor customer experiences.

But, franchisors can get franchisees on board with uniform technology solutions if they make them convenient, effortless, and cost-effective.

Make Franchise Technology Easy

Stratix solves franchisor technology challenges with a one-stop shop of design, procurement, deployment, and support services.

Franchisees are eager to opt-in to our complete solutions that are easy to order, are rolled out seamlessly to corporate and franchise locations, and are backed by our fast service anytime you need it.

With Stratix franchise technology services, you can ensure happy franchisees and the best possible brand experience for customers regardless of location.

Superior Franchise Technology Solutions

Expert Design

Stratix solution architects will help you craft excellent technology environments for your franchise operations to ensure franchisee buy-in and a great brand experience for your customers.

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Increase Opt-in Rates

Cut the complexity in procurement with our easy-to-use ordering portal that lets franchisees pick what they want with a frictionless eCommerce-like experience.

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Fast Deployment

Our Mobile Integration Center kits and configures devices with all the required software, settings, and accessories and then ships them out-of-the-box ready direct to the store.

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Effective Contracting Model

We contract with the franchisor for the master service agreement and statement of work and then collect terms and conditions signoffs from franchisees.

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Simple Solution

We make it easy with fast support, authorized repairs, and a spare pool of devices—all from a single point of contact—so franchisees can focus on their business.

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Complete Visibility

Franchisors get access to our proprietary itrac360 platform so you can see your entire mobile environment and get key insights that drive better business decisions.

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The Stratix Advantage for Franchise Operations

We have partnerships and expertise with dozens of leading technology companies to ensure we can build you the best solutions for your business.
We can offer flexible payment options that work at every level of the franchise organization—corporate stores, large franchisees, and single-location owners.
Our endpoint management solutions help ensure security across your franchise operations to lower downtime and protect the brand.
We offer white-glove care to large franchisees to help you maintain excellent relationships with significant contributors to your company.
We thoroughly test our solutions with pilot programs to confirm they deliver on goals and business outcomes before large-scale deployments.
Our help desk technicians are onshore and trained to assist your end-users, so they are fast and frictionless—just what busy operators want.

Make Franchise Mobile Technology Easy with Stratix 

Build a uniform technology environment across franchise locations to ensure the best brand experience for customers.

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Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience to your customers and franchisees.

Solve your franchise technology challenges

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