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Make Franchise Mobile Technology Easy with Stratix 

Solution Brief

Happy Franchisees, Happy Customers

Many franchise organizations struggle to manage their mobile technology programs. While there’s control at corporate stores, you often can’t mandate what devices franchisees use, and the process for rolling out brand-wide solutions is complex. That means franchisees often choose their own—so there’s no uniformity, little corporate control, weak security, and poor support. 

Downtime equals lost revenue, and in a world that’s now so heavily digital, customer interactions with the brand usually involve digital touchpoints. When customer experiences are poor, that reflects badly on the overall company. Franchisors need to make mobile technology solutions convenient, easy, and cost-effective so that corporate store managers and franchisees can focus on the hundred other things that drive their business, not technology—then customers have a consistent and great brand experience at every location. 

Solve the Franchise Technology Equation

Stratix works with many of the top franchise organizations in the country, and we’ve built a solution that removes the technology hurdles franchisors face. The benefits include: 

  • Superior Design 
    We understand franchisees and take a crawl, walk, run approach that meets your organization’s needs. Our solution architects are experts in the latest technology options for franchise operations. We work with all the top device makers and can help you create a tailored blueprint to meet your business goals and deliver the best experiences for customers and employees. We first do a technology proof of concept and run it through the first article approval. Then we turn it over to our certified project managers, who will manage limited pilot projects to test solutions and processes. Then we will roll out to corporate stores and progress to your largest franchisees and finally open to all locations—all on your schedule—ensuring your large-scale deployments run smoothly. 
  • Easy Implementation 
    Rolling out your mobile technology solutions to franchisees and corporate stores is simple. We set up the Stratix Portal—a custom franchise organization-branded online ordering system—where they choose the number and types of solutions they want, put them in a shopping cart, and choose their payment method. It’s a frictionless consumer-like experience that removes the back-and-forth emails and logistics challenges most franchisors currently deal with. Opting-in is easy, and the turnkey solutions accelerate onboarding without the need to have purchase orders.  
  • Industry-Leading Deployment and Support 
    Our Mobile Integration Center kits and configures devices so they’re out-of-the-box ready for franchisees and then ships them to the required location. Our onshore help desk technicians are always standing by to answer questions. Stratix becomes an extension of your IT department—always there when you need us. 
  • Dependability 
    Franchisees don’t have to think about their technology. They’re covered for the term of the services. If there’s an issue, dedicated help desk technicians are standing by 24x7x365 to triage the situation. If a new device is required, it’s shipped overnight from a spare pool of pre-configured devices maintained by Stratix. We work when you work. 
  • Get the Big Picture 
    Stratix provides franchisors access to our propriety itrac360 system, which is a single pane of glass where you can view your entire mobile environment. You can see which franchisees are on board and who is lagging. It shows real-time information on shipments, repairs, and help desk tickets. itrac360 gives you the analytics you need to make informed business decisions. Our customer experience managers provide overviews of what is happening across all your franchise locations and highlight any areas that need attention. 

We Take Care of the Whole Brand 

Whether it’s corporate stores or franchisee locations, we ensure that wherever customers go, they have the same brand experience. 

  • We offer white-glove services to elevate the care for large franchisees because we know how important they are to you.  
  • We make it easy for franchisees to “opt-in” and give them a seamless experience throughout their term. 
  • We can help with communications to franchisees so they understand how easy and worthwhile the technology program is and why they should join. 

Our holistic approach surrounds the brand with a great technology solution that keeps everything running smoothly and customers coming back. 

Why Stratix 

With decades of experience with franchise customers, Stratix is North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist. We focus exclusively on mobility services and have over three million devices deployed. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage, and support your franchise technology program, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your business.