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Smartphones are powerful enterprise mobility tools that improve productivity and nimbleness. Stratix offers the best from industry-leading makers like Apple, Google Pixel, Samsung, and Zebra.

Whatever your use cases, our certified experts in Android and iOS operating systems deliver great solutions that are tested and configured exactly the way you need them. If it's not available off-the-shelf, we can build it.

We use our OEM relationships and integrated supply chains to procure, provision, kit, configure, and deploy your mobile devices, software, and accessories with speed and precision.

If you demand dependable solutions backed by industry-leading support, Stratix is the partner for you.


Enterprise Smartphones and Tablets


When you require more screen size combined with maximum mobility and flexibility, tablets bridge the gap between smartphones and laptops.

Stratix solution architects are certified with the leading manufacturers like Apple, Google Pixel, Samsung, and Zebra. We use that knowledge to design enterprise tablet solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs and use cases.

Whether Android, iOS, or Windows, we conceive enterprise mobility strategies with tablets that solve challenges and create experiences that delight end users.


Sometimes you need technology that can take the worst that the environment dishes out—from rain to cold and the occasional hard knock.

Stratix certified experts know how to get the most durability out of mobile solutions—whether that's purpose-built rugged devices or special protective cases.

Avoid downtime and lost productivity caused by broken devices and maximize your lifecycle and return on investment with the best rugged mobile devices from Stratix and our partners.

Stratix Enterprise Mobility Partners

Rely on Stratix For All Your Tablet And Smartphone Needs

Apple Authorized Value-Added Reseller

We source Apple products integrated with our lifecycle management support and financing options through Apple Financial Services.

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Samsung Authorized Ascend Titanium Partner

Stratix has access to the best pricing and technology for procurement, configuration, and deployment of Samsung equipment, including Galaxy devices and Samsung Knox device management.

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Zebra Premier Solution Partner

Stratix provides robust end-to-end managed mobility for the full Zebra suite of products, plus industry-leading support to keep your devices working when you need them.

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Solutions That Work

Not sure what the best devices or operating systems are for your organization? We can help! Our solution architects do testing and pilot programs so you know programs will work before they launch.

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Significant OEM Relationships

Our strengths include procurement and supply chain expertise thanks to our long and close relationships with all the major device, software, and accessory providers.

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Custom Accessories

If you have unique requirements, the Stratix Specialty Products Group can study the problem, design a prototype, and build you exactly what you need when off-the-shelf won't do.

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