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Go Where Your Customers Are

Meeting customer expectations in financial services means empowering your employees to help customers anywhere.

In banking, tablets mean employees can move anywhere within a branch and engage with customers more naturally. In wealth management, client meetings can happen anywhere with laptops.

For insurance agents and adjusters, smartphones and tablets are powerful tools for fast access to information like claims and policies.

However, managing financial services technology is challenging in a world of widely distributed workers and the need for state-of-the-art security.

Be Flexible and Productive

Stratix has the expertise and resources to design, deploy, maintain, and support best-in-class financial services technology solutions at any scale.

Our solution architects will work with you to understand your environment, user needs, and institutional goals.

Thanks to our wide range of device and software partners, we can recommend and source precisely what's needed to help you meet customer expectations and expand your business.

Financial Services Technology Solutions

Design with Confidence

Our solution architect team will help you gain efficiencies, increase end-user adoption rates, and raise the ROI of your financial services technology program.

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Compliance and Security

Ensure secure, compliant, and up-to-date devices for your personnel with automated endpoint management, single sign-on, and industry-specific security measures.

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Help is Always There

Stratix has a best-in-class help desk that quickly solves problems to ensure the best possible end-user experiences—including custom knowledge base design for specific use cases.

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Reserves at the Ready

We can keep a spare pool of preconfigured devices ready to be shipped out overnight and manage return and repair—reducing downtime and device costs.

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Easy Procurement

End users can manage their own device orders through our simple to use portals. Put control in users' hands, but approval in management.

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Telecom Expense Management

Our expert analysis shows you who spends the most, who spends the least, and cycles of usage so you can easily keep costs under control. 

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Fortune 500 Insurance Group

This insurance group turned to Stratix to engage all aspects of our enterprise mobility management offering, including end-user support.

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Oregon-based Financial Holding Company

Stratix was able to increase employee satisfaction by achieving a 93% first-call resolution support level.

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The Stratix Enterprise Managed Services Advantage for Financial Services

We help financial services companies meet customer expectations by taking services to where the people are and engaging with them through a wide range of channels.
Stratix unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions ensure industry compliance and deliver the tight security controls required in financial services.
Get a handle on your mobile costs with Stratix telecom expense management as mobile solutions play ever-larger roles in operations.
Stratix provides an out-of-the-box ready experience for end users with easy procurement portals that are completely customizable.
Our mobile help desk of highly-trained agents specializes in superior first-call resolution through voice, chat, and AI to ensure users have their problem resolved quickly.
End-to-end lifecycle services for financial services technology frees up internal IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives in an era of fierce competition.

Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

Our relationships with the best financial services technology OEM and software providers ensure your solutions will get you to your goals.

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