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Device Broken, Now What?

Mobile devices are always on the move, and that means they're much more prone to break than their fixed-position predecessors. They frequently get dropped, soaked, and exposed to extreme conditions.

Cracked screens, broken buttons, and damaged charging ports are just a few of the common problems. Manufacturer defect warranties cover less than one percent, and repair plans can be hard to manage.

It's a major challenge in enterprise mobility to fix broken devices and handle the repair logistics at scale. Your options are doing it in-house or sending equipment off to OEMs or third-party experts.

You have to know where things should go, and then someone has to keep track of where everything is and follow up to ensure devices are mended properly and returned to service.


The Complexity of Enterprise Mobility Repairs

Simple, Quick Repair

When you partner with an experienced managed mobility service provider like Stratix for your enterprise electronic device repair services, you get a single point of contact who handles all the logistics—saving you and your end-users time and money.

Stratix can repair and refurbish the devices or manage the process through an OEM. Equipment is quickly and seamlessly returned to your spare pool inventory, keeping overall investment as low as possible.

With our proprietary itrac360 portal, we manage the complete lifecycle of your devices. In a single portal, you can see where devices are, their repair status, and device inventory levels. It gives you a holistic view of the health of your enterprise mobility strategy.


SmartMobile Services Save the Day: Lifecycle & Repair Services

Comprehensive Mobile Device Repair Services That Minimize Downtime

Single Point of Contact

Stop juggling multiple OEMs and vendors. Stratix manages all the contracts and warranties, and handles the repair logistics for you so you can focus on other things.

The Right People

Our certified and trained experts know your devices and how to fix them properly and reliably—including a complete quality control test.

Rapid Turnaround

We quickly triage devices and get them where they need to go for fast repair and return to your spare pool inventory or back into the field.

Predictable Costs

Enterprise mobility repair expenses can easily spiral out of control. Stratix provides a fixed cost per device, so unexpected charges do not blindside you.

Constant Visibility

The Stratix itrac360 portal gives you the service reporting and analytics on device lifecycles and repairs that you need to make informed enterprise mobile strategy decisions.

OEM Relationships

Stratix partners with all the top mobile device makers, and our electronic device repair services leverage those relationships to provide best-in-class performance.

Fact Sheet: Mobile Device Repair Services

Stratix designs and builds a consistent program to manage, track, and coordinate your mobile device repair process - across all your OEMS.

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Why Stratix?

With decades of repair experience on all the top brands, Stratix's certified and trained experts will fix or refurbish your mobile devices quickly and give you up-to-the-minute visibility of each step of the process. We have close relationships with the major OEMs, which we use to maintain our knowledge base and ensure repairs meet their standards.


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