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Stuck on the Launch Pad?

Large-scale enterprise mobility deployments are disruptive and costly. They distract key IT personnel from their primary missions, and many organizations don't have the internal resources, tools, and expertise to do them quickly and well.

When devices aren't delivered properly configured and out-of-the-box ready, experiences suffer. It can drastically impact user adoption, satisfaction, and productivity.

A strategy your organization has invested time and money in can fail when a mobile deployment doesn't go well.

Partner with an expert that knows how to manage the complexities and has the scale and experience you need to get it right.


Stratix SmartMobile Integration & Deployment

Deploy with Confidence

Stratix is an enterprise mobility management provider with the resources and knowledge you need for successful technology deployments.

We've built the industry's most advanced, high-speed Mobile Integration Center to provision, kit, configure, and deploy your mobile devices, software, and accessories—regardless of how many you need—on time and on budget.

Our automated, proprietary staging tools mirror your enterprise mobility environment, ensuring rapid and accurate execution.

We are flexible and OEM-agnostic, capable of supporting mobile deployments of multiple hardware and software solutions.


Onboarding Enterprise Mobile Devices

Rollout Right with Stratix

Precise Project Management

All the components of your enterprise mobility solution are ready to go on time and properly configured exactly the way you want.

Fast Deployment

Our high-speed automated integration center leverages proprietary tools for maximum speed and efficiency.

Flexibility and Scale

We have the capacity and tools to deploy to thousands of individual locations—including people's home or do on-site installations.

Quality Assurance Validation

We use automation to capture, verify, and validate provisioning data to rigorously ensure the accurate customization of devices at the scale you need.

Wide-Ranging Expertise

We kit and configure devices with all the accessories connected and powered up so the end user gets them out-of-the-box ready to go.

Dedication to Meet Your Schedule

Whether you need a fast or slow rollout, the experience you get with Stratix will be the same every time.

Fact Sheet: Technology Deployment

Stratix as decades of experience getting device deployments done at scale for some of the largest organizations in the world.

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Why Stratix?

Our team has decades of experience getting device deployments done at scale for some of the largest organizations in North America. Your solutions are completely kitted—with all applications and connectivity loaded—and delivered to field locations and even your employees' homes and work out-of-the-box.

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