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Avoiding Mobile Deployment Failures


How to overcome inability to scale, need for speed and lack of mobile expertise. 

Enterprise mobility has evolved into a strategic asset critical in driving business transformation as enterprises equip their workforce to better access information and make decisions anywhere, any time.  

The costs of failing at this transformation are high, and here’s why: 

  • 89 percent of enterprises say their industry is either being disrupted by digital technology, or such disruption is only a matter of time. 
  • 80 percent are at risk of being left behind by digital transformation, while 54 percent believe organizations that don’t keep up with digital transformation will go out of business or be absorbed by a competitor within four years. 
  • 73 percent of IT leaders believe they could be fired as the result of a poorly implemented or failing digital project. 

With mobility being integral to the digital transformation of business, what are the key reasons why so many mobile projects fail during the enterprise deployment phase? 

Mobile Drives Business Transformation Which Makes Failures Costly 

This white paper explores how enterprise mobility deployments often fail due to the scale and complexity of these projects, the rapid speed required to move from pilot to deployment, and the need for flawless execution to ensure a positive end-user experience and, ultimately, adoption. In addition, the paper will explore why most enterprise IT teams are ill-suited for mobile deployments, and how managed service providers can fill gaps and help assure success.