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Avoid Failure

In-house IT teams are often overloaded with day-to-day tasks, so taking on a major deployment project can be overwhelming.

How do you:

  • Test and decide on a technology?
  • Manage all the vendors?
  • Get it configured at scale and deliver it ready to go?
  • Support employees through the transition?

Doing it in-house is disruptive and costly, and it removes key personnel from their core missions.

Beef Up Your Bandwidth

Technology deployments must work right out of the box. It's critical for user acceptance and achieving project goals.

A partner with experience rolling out the technology you're deploying at scale can help you design, plan, and implement a project smoothly.

At Stratix, we've done hundreds of major end-to-end mobile technology deployments on time and on budget, like 18,000 Apple iPads for Southwest Airlines.

Put Our Highly Trained Technicians to Work for You

Our best-in-class services ensure a superior technology deployment.

Plan Properly

Leveraging our decades of experience with companies just like yours, we'll expertly survey your operations and bring the knowledge and agility to handle any issues that arise.

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Leverage Our Mobile Integration Center

At our Atlanta facilities, we can configure your mobile technology, software, and accessories at scale and deliver them out-of-the-box ready to business locations or homes.

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Make Our Team Your Team

You need a managed mobility partner with a team of skilled project managers and mobile technology experts that can deploy at speed and scale with accuracy.

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Enjoy a Better Experience

Our onboarding ensures you have a multi-vendor program management, deployment, implementation, and the support you need to achieve your project ROI.

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Get a Single Point of Contact

We coordinate everything deployment-related—integrating partners and making sure everything arrives on time and ready to go.

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Let Us Handle It All

We can take care of the entire lifecycle of your mobile technology from acquisition to disposition, including device provisioning, deployment, repair, spare pool management, and reverse logistics. 

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Data Sheet: Mobile Integration Center

Our years of experience deploying complex, large scale projects ensures your rollout will be on-time and on-budget, every time.

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