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Supply Chain Visibility is Critical

Solving supply chain disruption and other challenges starts with being able to see where everything is. With a holistic view, you can spot issues and proactively work to fix them. Mobile devices in the supply chain give you the real-time data that you need.

In warehouse and distribution operations, mobile devices improve communication, safety, and quality control.

With a good warehouse management system, you can monitor the movement of goods at every stage, from production to delivery. This real-time visibility enhances decision-making, reduces the risk of errors, and enables quicker responses to unexpected events or delays.

Enhance Your Operations

Mobile devices play a vital role in optimizing inventory management. By equipping warehouse and distribution workers with tools like tablets, smartphones, and printers, they can perform tasks like barcode scanning, inventory counts, and order picking with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Stratix mobile solutions architects can set you up with mobile apps that provide real-time inventory updates, helping businesses reduce overstocking and understocking issues, leading to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Tasks that previously required manual paperwork or time-consuming data entry can now be completed digitally in a fraction of the time.


Think Outside the Box to Modernize Your Warehouse Operations

Warehouse and Distribution Technology Solutions

Keep Employees Productive

Our best-in-class 24x7x365 IT support reduces downtime and ensures seamless business operations. Our help desk technicians are trained in your specific mobile environment and processes. 

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Improve Security and Safety

Our robust endpoint management solutions keep devices secure, updated, and compliant with your policies across your entire mobile technology environment.

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Custom-Designed Experiences

Innovative mounts and other tailor-made solutions ensure your devices work well in your environment and specific use cases.

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Lower TCO 

Shift expenses from CapEx to OpEx with our Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) program that rolls your mobile hardware, software, and service costs into a convenient monthly per-device fee. 

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Tame the Chaos

Stratix's itrac360 shows you the complete lifecycle of every device in real time. Get the strategic information you need for a maximum return on your investments. 

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Certified Experts

Our certified solution architects smoothly integrate your mobile technology with existing supply chain systems to ensure rollouts move quickly for maximum ROI.

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The Stratix Advantage for Warehouse and Distribution Technology

Stratix partners with the best supply chain technology makers to give you rugged and effective solutions that'll ensure you achieve your goals.
With unified endpoint management (UEM) and solutions like single sign-on, we can create the best possible user experiences in shared device programs.
Mobile devices not only reduce paper usage and streamline processes, but when implemented with the right software, hardware, and support solutions, employees are more productive and safe.
Stratix supply chain mobile solutions facilitate instant communication for swift problem-solving, streamlined coordination, and the sharing of crucial information.
Our mobile help desk specialists are ready 24x7x365 to help keep devices up and running, thereby reducing no-fault-found returns and keeping your supply chain moving.
Our proprietary itrac360 asset management provides real-time visibility of device details and status so you always know the health of your supply chain technology solutions.

The Executive Guide to Warehouse Modernization

Tips and Strategies for Successful Mobile Transformation

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Improve Your Supply Chain Efficiency for Happier Customers and a Better Bottom Line

Stratix, Honeywell, & FarEye have created a solution to give you the information you need to iron out the hurdles cutting into your profits.

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Improve your supply chain efficiency for happier customers and a better bottom line.

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