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One Size Does Not Fit All

Enterprise mobility often brings unique challenges that can't be handled with standard mobile devices or peripherals.

Sometimes it's a workflow specific to the organization, a harsh environment, or a need for a special customer experience.

Your enterprise mobile strategy doesn't have to be restricted by the limitations of the standard options out there.

When off-the-shelf won't do, custom mobile accessories, carrying cases, and enclosures can be built to create the user experience you need to ensure your solution is successful.

Whether you want a complex design or something as simple as adding company logos, custom colors, and inspirational taglines to make your devices look as good as they work, don't settle for less than the best.


SmartMobile Solution Design

Customize the Right Way

Proper design of custom mobile accessories starts with a thorough understanding of the end users' needs, workflows, and the desired outcomes.

The Stratix Specialty Products Group observes your employees at work, surveys the environment, and then brainstorms the most effective solutions to overcome the challenges.

Sometimes, we'll make a custom component for the solution—replacing the original—to make it work.

We also purpose-build peripherals that solve the problems when off-the-shelf mobile products can't.

All our custom mobile accessories are drafted, prototyped, and engineered in-house efficiently and cost-effectively for easy deployment.

Get Exactly What You Need When You Just Can't Find IT Anywhere Else


Stratix holds detailed design thinking sessions with all your stakeholders to get a true picture of where you are and where you want to go before we build custom mobile accessories.

Rapid Prototyping

We use 3D-printed metal and plastics for high-quality in-house prototyping and speedy, efficient production, enabling agile end-user testing and decision making.

Extensive Experience

Our team has created over 2,200 mobile solution concepts for enterprise customers across a wide range of industries. We have over 25 years of dedicated product engineering and industry expertise.

In-House Engineering Resources

With our team of engineers and extensive network of partners, we can design and build your solution at the scale needed for speedy deployment.

Accelerate Projects

Never again have a project that launches late because you weren't able to get the total solution you needed because an accessory wasn't right.

Cost Optimization

Our custom mobile accessories and parts save time, cut costs, and drive better productivity. We offer a unique service that's economical, flexible, and includes low-cost design options.

Fact Sheet: Custom Mobile Accessories

The Stratix Specialty Products Group has been engineering, designing, and creating customized accessories and peripherals for over a decade.

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Why Stratix?

We don't try to force-fit an off-the-shelf solution into your enterprise mobility strategy. If you need something custom, then we'll study the problem and solve it for you. Our Specialty Products Group has decades of experience designing creative solutions for thousands of customers.

Solve your unique enterprise mobility challenges.

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