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SOTI specializes in enterprise software solutions that empower companies to manage and optimize all their hardware. Holistic endpoint management strategies simplify the overall management process, reducing complexity and streamlining operations.

The SOTI ONE Platform gives you complete control and visibility of smartphones, tablets, computers, rugged devices, IoT, printers, and more.

With SOTI, you get high security and the ability to automate IT tasks, which ensures your technology is fast, protected, and reliable.


SOTI & Stratix Working Together

SOTI and Stratix, Better Together

Stratix has a large team dedicated to endpoint management solutions—including design, deployment, and 24x7 support. Our certifications include SOTI XSight and SOTI MobiControl.

We will study your environment, needs, and goals to recommend an effective endpoint management strategy tailored to your organization.

Stratix handles the day-to-day administration, upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting so your IT staff can focus on more strategic goals.

Partner with Stratix on SOTI Solutions for Your Business

Solution Design

Our dedicated endpoint management team can do a health check of your current environment and design a full migration plan.

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Rapid Deployment

Devices are configured and enrolled in SOTI endpoint management solutions before they arrive.

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Enhanced Security

Prevent, detect, and remediate attacks, block unauthorized access with identity management, and constantly scan for viruses and malware.

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Best-in-Class Support

We have a 24x7 team dedicated to endpoint management support that handles administration and quickly solves any support issues.

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Increase Efficiency

Use SOTI endpoint management to automate routine IT tasks to keep devices and applications updated and running smoothly.

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Single Point of Contact

UEM is the central control for all your laptops, mobile devices, printers, and IoT. Make sure you are efficient and effective with one platform instead of many.

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Stratix and SOTI Know Your Industry

Retail – Many retailers have adopted technology solutions piecemeal and now have multiple endpoint management platforms. Stratix can help tame the chaos.
Hospitality – Endpoint management can be used to tailor the end users' experience to their single sign-on – meaning the apps they see match their workflows – which is especially helpful for shared devices.
Healthcare – The healthcare industry is increasingly dependent on mobile devices and IoT to deliver high-quality patient care. SOTI helps manage that entire technology environment.
Field services – SOTI empowers you to lockdown devices anywhere, protecting sensitive data if equipment falls into the wrong hands.
Restaurants – SOTI enables franchises to quickly roll out and update applications that are critical to delivering the best customer experiences.

Manage All Your Retail Mobile Technology from One Platform

Endpoint management solutions that protect your retail organization, drive productivity, and meet business goals.  

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Simplify Mobile Device Security,
Management, & Control

Stratix & SOTI ensure you get well-thought-out solutions that protect your organization, drive productivity, and meet business goals.

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Take the Next Step

Enterprise Mobility Management from Stratix ensures control. 

Let Stratix handle the day-to-day administration so your IT staff can focus on innovation and growth activities.  Speak with one of our retail mobile specialists to assess your mobile environment. 

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