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Manage All Your Retail Mobile Technology from One Platform

Solution Brief

Retail Technology Made Easy

Mobile devices are critical to retail success – especially in times of economic uncertainty. Point-of-sale tablets, smartphones, scanners, printers, kiosks, and a range of other IoT devices drive productivity and enable businesses to create the seamless omnichannel experiences that customers expect.

The challenge is all those devices create security vulnerabilities and management complexity for IT teams. There’s so much to keep up with that it can be overwhelming. Mistakes are costly—ranging from loss in productivity to massive erosion of consumer confidence.

SOTI Makes Retail Enterprise Mobility Management Secure and Easy

The SOTI One Platform® cuts through the complexity of retail mobile technology to automate endpoint management and keep devices secure and running smoothly. Managing every endpoint from a single pane of glass is more cost-effective and resource-efficient.

  • Get visibility and control
    SOTI MobiControl®; keeps you informed on where your devices are, what they’re doing, how they’re performing, and what security or compliance risks they face. For example, mobile printers can be a point of entry for cybercriminals if they’re not protected. MobiControl optimizes both security and productivity.

  • Enable rapid deployment and management
    Because digital is so critical to operations and customer experiences, retailers constantly push out updates to applications or launch new ones. That’s time-consuming and can be complex, but SOTI MobiControl quickly stands up new projects and speeds the distribution of updates and new applications.

  • Keep Printing, Keep Working
    SOTI Connect empowers organizations to effectively manage and gain visibility into the diverse mobile and industrial printers throughout their operations – whether they’re on the store floor, at the warehouse or on the delivery truck. SOTI Connect reduces the management and maintenance costs, along with downtime, of business-critical printing so workers can keep working.

  • Leverage diagnostic intelligence
    Imagine always knowing the health of your mobile solutions with the ability to predict device failures in advance and replace them. It would lower costs and prevent downtime. SOTI XSight® is integrated diagnostic intelligence that helps you fix problems faster and protect against future ones.

  • Secure your access
    SOTI Identity provides centralized user authentication, single sign-on, and role management. Single sign-on for shared devices in retail enables faster sign-on every time—improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • Platform agnostic
    SOTI MobiControl works with Google Android&®, Apple iOS®; and macOS®, Microsoft Windows®, and Linux®, making it easier to integrate the management of your diverse mobile technology devices.

SOTI is Even Better with Stratix

Don’t know where to start? Stratix has a team of certified Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) engineers with years of experience in retail. We’ve helped some of the nation’s most recognized brands solve their endpoint management challenges. Our dedicated EMM-certified specialists thoroughly know SOTI products and how to migrate your current environment. We run everything using industry best practices.

Partnering with Stratix gives you an expert in your corner to ensure that you get well-thought-out endpoint management solutions that protect your retail organization, drive productivity, and meet business goals. Our engineers will handle design, implementation, and the day-to-day administration, upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting so your IT staff can focus on innovation and growth activities.


SOTI is a proven leader in creating innovative retail solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of business-critical mobility and the IoT. Thousands of companies around the world depend on SOTI to secure, manage and support their mobile operations.

SOTI’s two decades of success has built strong partnerships with leading mobile platform providers and device manufacturers. These relationships give SOTI unparalleled insight into new technology and industry trends before they happen. SOTI is a proven innovator — clear vision, laser focus, and a
commitment to R&D have made SOTI the market leader in delivering exciting, new business mobility solutions. SOTI helps retailers take mobility to endless possibilities.

Why Stratix

Stratix is North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist and focuses exclusively on mobility services, with over three million devices deployed. We specialize in making mobile technology convenient, easy, and cost-effective for our customers. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage, and support your technology programs, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your organization.