Our Core Values - Stratix

Our Core Values

Commitment to Our Customers

Our company was founded on the belief that meeting expectations isn’t enough. We thrive when the stakes are high, and our goal is always to exceed expectations and be more than “just another vendor.” We learn your workflows and create smarter mobility solutions that increase productivity, improve the end-user experience, and keep things running smoothly. Organizations that rely on mobile rely on Stratix.


We prove it every day with our words and actions.

Get Our Uniform Dirty

Pointing at a problem is insufficient. We don’t just report the score of the game, we are also on the field helping the team win.

Choose to Drive Change

Our industry moves fast, so we are willing to make tough decisions, and constantly looking for better ways to run our business.

Positive and Optimistic

Our future is bright. We surface issues not to gripe about them, but with the intent to solve them.

Unwavering Integrity

Because we are steadfast in living up to our values, our customers, partners and teammates want to work with us.

True Teammates

Any company can have employees, but true teammates share a common mission. We have fun, take the time to get to know and support one another, and help each other to grow.