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Tame the Complexity

Whether it's purchasing a small number of devices to expand or maintain a current technology program or ordering thousands of devices for a major new deployment, procurement is a full-time job that takes valuable IT resources away from more profitable work.

It's not just sourcing all the devices, accessories, and software—plus managing relationships with a host of OEMs and other providers. Many companies also need different devices, configurations, and data plans for specific end users or job roles.

Procurement also isn't "one and done." As new users join an organization or employees need to make upgrades or changes, IT teams are expected to handle the constant stream of requests.

Automate the Process

Working with a mobile device lifecycle management expert like Stratix takes the procurement burden off IT teams.

We have robust and secure portal solutions that give users an eCommerce-like ordering flow to easily choose the devices and data plans they need. It not only automates the process, but gives employees a quick and seamless experience.

You also benefit from our extensive relationships with all the top device, accessory, and software providers. We source what you need, get preferred pricing, and ensure equipment arrives on time, on budget, and out-of-the-box ready.

Choose the Best Mobile Procurement Team

Procurement Portals

Users can order new, upgraded, or replacement consumer phones and tablets from a catalog of devices and data plans.

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Cost Optimization

Our partner relationships help us competitively source all components of your solution.

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Automated Device Management

Stratix unified endpoint management (UEM) allows us to push applications and security measures to new devices as soon as they're enrolled.

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Strong coordination between project management and procurement ensures that everything hits the dock at the same time for large deployments—reducing late order occurrences, "rush orders," and costly delays.

Telecom Expense Management

Our analysts review your device and data plans monthly to ensure you're not wasting money and getting the most bang for your buck.

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We use our expertise and relationships with our OEM partners to quickly recommend and implement change when an important component is unavailable or goes end of life.

Why Stratix?

Our deep expertise and strong OEM relationships mean partnering with us gives you the resources you need to ensure your enterprise mobility projects run smoothly.

Enterprise Mobility Masterclass

Cut through the complexity to quickly learn the fundamentals of designing, building, and supporting great enterprise mobile solutions.

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