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Use Case: Business Continuity

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Be Prepared

The pandemic strongly reinforced the importance of business continuity planning. Many organizations soon realized they didn't have the nimbleness or expertise to pivot to technology solutions for social distancing requirements.

Whether it was buy online, pickup in-store, or improving worker safety in warehouse and distribution facilities, mobile technology made the difference for many organizations, enabling them to thrive.

Going forward, many of the same mobile solutions drive other business continuity such as failover capabilities through cellular network backup and helping future-proof your operations.

Plan For All the Possibilities

The pandemic increased customer demand for more options and raised expectations for more personalized experiences.

Moving from a mobile-first to a mobile-only strategy helps businesses satisfy customer demands, but it also gives you the nimbleness to deal with the unexpected.

Stratix can help you design, deploy, and support mobile solutions that will help you win every day and maintain the ability to scale—up or down, when you need it.

Achieve Your Highest ROI with Stratix SmartMobile Solutions

Serve your customers where they are and how they want to interact

Understand What You Need

We take the time to understand your business like it's our own, including detailed on-site design thinking sessions with all your stakeholders.

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Plan For Success

Once we understand your organization and needs, we draft a plan to build a state-of-the-art mobility program to achieve your business and continuity goals.

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Get the Best

Stratix is the only provider to work with all major OEMs. That gives us a broad base from which to create solutions that deliver exactly what your business needs.

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Move CapEx to OpEx

With Mobile Device as a Service, we deliver mobile hardware, software, and support services for a single, fixed monthly fee per device.

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Improve Experiences with Great Support

Our 24x7x365 support center is staffed with experts who are there when apps are updated or new processes are implemented.

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Make Deployment Easy

We can quickly scale programs at large volumes and get devices in employees hands—even if they're at home and not coming into the office.

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Fact Sheet: Mobile Lifecycle Services

Stratix’s Mobile Lifecycle Management provides up-to-date mobile devices with consistent, end-to-end managed service to ensure your devices are ready to use straight out of the box, customized to your needs and fully compliant with your security policies.

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