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Don't Start with a Bad Plan

If your enterprise mobility strategy is weak, then projects rolled out with high expectations quickly fizzle when they don't deliver the intended results.

Mobile technology is always evolving, and many IT teams don't have the relationships and expertise needed to design solutions that bring the right outcomes from day one.

Getting the success you want requires much more than selecting devices and apps. You must have an end-to-end blueprint that lays out what your solution will do and how it will be managed and supported to get full ROI from your mobile solution.


SmartMobile Solution Design

Design with Confidence

Good design begins with a thorough understanding of the organization's needs, workflows, and desired outcomes. Solutions are then tailored and customized to meet those goals.

Working with knowledgeable enterprise mobility consultants ensures a holistic strategy that won't miss important details.

A partner with the right industry alliances and expertise will accelerate and support your digital transformation roadmap to get you to your goals.


The Payoff that Comes with Good Solution Design

Deliver Powerful Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Drive productivity and growth with Stratix

Mobile Strategy Planning

Harness the advantages of mobile technology with a Stratix blueprint drawn to meet your organization's specific needs and goals. Stratix offers enterprise mobility consultants with decades of experience crafting winning solutions for the world's top companies.

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CustomMobile Accessories

Stratix custom-designed mobile enclosures and accessories tailored to work in your environment when off-the-shelf won’t do. We study workflows and then design, prototype, and build peripherals that solve your unique challenges.

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Project Management

Experienced team of project management professionals who are experts in complex ecosystems and multi-vendor technology solutions.

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