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Leverage the Power of Apple Devices

Apple's acclaimed devices are perfect for business. Users are already familiar with iPhone® and iPad® operating systems, which means less training time and more productive employees.

Apple's cutting-edge security keeps personal data and corporate information secure.

Whether it's point-of-sale in retail, technicians on the go, or employees working remotely, Apple devices are highly-mobile, lightweight, and easy to use.

With a lower total cost of ownership in the overall lifecycle and fewer support challenges, it's easy to see why more and more businesses are choosing Apple for enterprise.


Leverage the Power of Apple Devices

Apple and Stratix – Better Together

Stratix works with Apple and our ecosystem of partners to create fully-integrated, turnkey solutions for iOS®, iPadOS®, and macOS® environments, including design, migration, support, and endpoint management.

Stratix itrac360 provides real-time visibility of your mobile devices in a single, intuitive, online asset management portal. Plus, your business-critical use-cases are fully supported with lifecycle management and a 24x7x365 help desk.

Our day-2 support includes Apple-authorized service, including spare pool logistics programs leveraging AppleCare®, Apple-authorized repairs for Mac®, iPhone, and iPad, and RMA fulfillment with optional dispatch services for onsite device repair and replacement. Apple-certified, on-shore enterprise-level iOS, iPadOS, and macOS support integrated with AppleCare support provides the optimum customer experience and a single point of contact.

Put Apple and Stratix to Work for You

Solution Design

Our mobile technology architects work with Apple Professional Services and third-party vendors to address any unique challenges you may have.

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Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller

We source Apple-authorized products integrated with our lifecycle management support and financing through Apple Financial Services®.

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Large-scale technology deployments utilizing Apple Business Manager® for Apple device enrollment reduce risk, delays, and costs.

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Day-2 Support

24x7x365 Apple-certified, on-shore iOS, iPadOS, and macOS support - backed by AppleCare, in-house RMA fulfillment, and Apple-authorized repairs for Mac, iPhone and more.

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See Everything Management

Stratix's itrac360 asset management platform provides end-to-end visibility, full lifecycle management, and usage history for all your Apple devices.

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Vertical-Specific Integration

Our SmartMobile Services for Apple help you deploy Apple devices in many enterprise use cases.

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Stratix and Apple Know Your Industry

Retail – from mobile point-of-sale to inventory management, iPad and iPhone are perfect for serving customers in the aisles, curbside and more.
Healthcare – easy-to-use Apple devices and Stratix 24x7x365 support improve home healthcare and remote patient monitoring.
Restaurants – Stratix deploys out-of-the-box-ready Apple devices for self-service, contactless payments, and higher employee productivity.
Field Services – Apple and Device as a Service from Stratix can cut expenses by rolling hardware, software, and support into a single monthly fee.
Aviation – iPad is the device of choice for Electronic Flight Bags at many airlines, and Stratix serves some of the largest in the world.
Education – Apple is one of the premier device choices for university students. Apple products hit the bullseye for higher education.

Mobile Device as a Service for Mac

Get a complete solution including Mac hardware, software, lifecycle management, and best-in-class macOS support services.

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Imagine the Possibilities of a Connected Restaurant

Imagine the customer experience that Stratix SmartMobile Services for Apple can create in a connected and collaborative restaurant.

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Apple Authorized Services Practice

Empower your employees to do their best work with SmartMobile Services for Apple.

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