iPhone & Scandit Improves Efficiency in Logistics Operations

iPhone with Scandit Software Improves Efficiency in Stratix Logistics Operations 

Case Study: Stratix Logistics Operations


Thousands of packages arrive and depart from Stratix every day. As a leading managed mobile services provider, we take in huge shipments of new devices and smaller packages involving repair and replacement. We’re also deploying new devices and ones we’ve repaired to locations around the globe. It means accuracy and speed are critical. The team must know what’s in every package and where it needs to go. 

The Challenge 

Boxes frequently have multiple barcodes—one for every mobile device inside—and it’s imperative that data is captured quickly and accurately. With a traditional scanner that captures one barcode at a time, a Stratix employee must use pinpoint control to ensure the right one is being scanned. Any error means going to a computer and making a correction. That slow process requires more training and manual changes, leading to frequent mistakes. 

Errors are very costly. It is hard to pinpoint the mistake, items get misplaced, or are picked wrong at a later time—not only affecting shipping, but also production and customer service.  

“We needed a better solution because we get a lot of stuff in, and we must get it all processed the same day,” explained Stratix Director of Logistics and Warehouse Operations Doug Anteau. 

Problem Solved 

For a faster solution, Stratix combined iPhone Pro Max with Scandit Express, a no-code smart data capture application that’s delivered a 50-percent improvement in efficiency. It’s super-fast and highly accurate, eliminating re-scans and scanning the wrong barcodes. A label can be scanned repeatedly, but Scandit Express is set up to capture only unique barcodes – significantly reducing errors. 

With the Scandit Express application, employees scan and record multiple barcodes in real time. A rugged case protects iPhone in the tough environment. iPhone’s excellent connectivity ensures the data flows right into Stratix’s logistics management system. 

“Using the Scandit Express solution, I’m able just to come to the boxes and simply scroll down, and I’ve captured all the data in a quick movement,” said Stratix Warehouse Manager Justin Eldridge. 

Stratix uses Scandit Express in multiple workflows. When packages first arrive, the application scans the shipping barcodes. Employees get alerts for urgently needed packages, and they pull them out and take them to the department in Stratix that needs them. In receiving, Scandit Express parses all the barcodes on packages that show what’s inside to update Stratix’s inventory. 


The Scandit Express solution on iPhone delivers 100 percent accuracy on the first scan. It’s reduced the time it takes a Stratix logistics teammate to process deliveries and shipments by 50 percent. Efficiency is improved, and workers don’t have to spend time on tedious tasks.  

Onboarding and training new employees are also 20 percent more efficient, and they make fewer mistakes. 

Overall, we’re seeing a 50-60% reduction in the kinds of errors that even experienced employees will make in the more manual environment. 

Over a three-year period, the Apple + Scandit solution has a 30-40% total cost advantage over traditional solutions.*

Stratix will implement the Apple and Scandit solution for cycle counts soon, and we anticipate it will dramatically improve the speed of the count.    

More Use Cases

Warehouse and logistics are just two areas where Scandit Express can make a difference. Fast and accurate scanning improves efficiency in retail, air travel, field service, healthcare, and more. For retail, the app can be used for inventory, in-store order fulfillment, or order picking. Associates can use it to help customers look up product information. A healthcare worker can use it to scan medications or wrist IDs. At airports, workers can scan baggage tags or tickets. 

Apple Makes It Easy  

Scandit Express works well with Apple devices because they’re familiar, user-friendly, and powerful. Training time is reduced thanks to the simplicity of the Apple device and the intuitive user experience of the Scandit app. Apple is easy for the IT department, too, because an endpoint management solution keeps the devices updated and secure. Apple’s hardware is also less expensive than many other hardware solutions, and it can manage multiple tasks, drastically reducing the number of devices needed. 

Stratix Can Help 

Not only does Stratix use Apple and Scandit in its own operations, but we also sell the solution. Stratix solution architects are experts in helping customers improve workflows using Scandit software. Then, devices are kitted and configured in Stratix’s Mobile Integration Center before they’re shipped to customers out-of-the-box ready. The experts on Stratix’s best-in-class help desk are standing by 24×7 to answer questions and solve challenges. It’s all part of Stratix’s end-to-end mobile lifecycle services. 

Interested in learning more about Scandit solutions on Apple devices managed by Stratix? Reach out today

*Cost advantage eliminated over a six-year period.