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Resilience and Efficiency

The widespread disruption to manufacturing and supply chain operations due to the pandemic has made it clear that the traditional focus on uber-efficiency and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing models is no longer sufficient. The global supply chain and manufacturing landscape has changed, and successful operators must have the resources and technology to ensure stability and resiliency when shutdowns and shifts in demand occur.


Think Outside the Box to Modernize Your Warehouse Operations

Digital Transformation is Critical

Resiliency is paramount, but it’s not possible without extensive digital infrastructure supporting operations. You need a partner who can optimize your barcode scanning and verification, manage your tablets, scanners, printers and related accessories, and keep your employees and facilities running at maximum efficiency for longer. Stratix SmartMobile Services for Manufacturing and Supply Chain give you the control, scale and flexibility necessary to thrive amidst disruptions to the continuity of your daily operations.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management Solutions

Integrated Partner Network

Our extensive partner ecosystem of industry-leading OEMs, service and accessory providers allows us to craft a customized mobile technology program to satisfy your business needs.

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Specialized Solution Architects

Draw upon the technical and strategic expertise of our mobile solution architects as they work closely with you to create First Articles and Proof of Concept to guarantee successful Day-1 deployment.

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Custom Designed Accessories

Innovative mounts and custom-designed enclosures from our Specialty Engineering group ensures your devices will fit your environment, while maximizing safety, security and productivity across your specific use cases.

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Simplified Solutions

We’re the single point of contact across all your operations, taking care of everything from rapid deployments at scale to standardizing device configuration/administration, support, service and repair for all of your locations.

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Rapid Scaling

Our Mobile Integration Center team works tirelessly to bring new projects and rapid deployments to completion on time, every time.

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Repair and Replacement

Our Georgia-based facilities manage your spare pool inventory and provide rapid repair turnaround, ensuring that next-day device replacements are available to sustain mission-critical use cases.

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Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

Stratix leverages decades of experience in manufacturing and supply chain mobility solutions to configure your mobile technology solutions to empower ideal business outcomes.
We’re dedicated to helping you rapidly scale and respond to sudden shifts. When you need tens of thousands of devices deployed to multiple locations in weeks – not months – there’s no one better to have on your side.
Leverage our extensive partner network of leading providers to craft complex and customized solutions with the ruggedized accessories your factory workers and associated personnel need.
We’re customer-obsessed, so we won’t stop until we have simplified your technology refresh cycles, minimized your risks and enacted digital transformation across your operations.
Our Georgia-based logistics facility ensures that you maintain an active spare pool of devices that can be deployed the next day to guarantee rapid replacements.
Our mobile help desk specialists are on tap 24x7x365 to help keep devices up and running, thereby reducing No Fault Found returns and keeping those assets where you need them most to power productivity.
Our proprietary itrac360 asset management provides real-time visibility of device location and status – always know how your mobile assets are performing.
Our MDaaS model offers financial control and predictability for your manufacturing operations by bundling not only device and services, but also accessories and peripherals, into a total monthly per-device solution.

Rapidly Scale Your Mobile Technology Programs with Stratix

The current climate of widespread disruption calls for flexible and rapid scaling of your technology in order to thrive. Learn more on how we can help make it happen.

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Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

It’s more than services and support - we are total solution providers, leveraging deep relationships with, and certifications from, major OEMs and platforms to craft unique expert end-to-end solutions that transform and support your daily operations.

Get to “finished” faster.

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