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How Better Visibility Can Help Solve Supply Chain Management Challenges

Written by Gina Daniel-Lee

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The supply chain has suffered a perfect storm of combined manufacturing delays and increased demand since the beginning of the pandemic. Even when the problem of shortages eases, there will be a “new normal” of increased e-commerce and changed customer expectations. Call it the “Amazon effect” or perhaps the “Uber Eats effect,” but consumers assume they should be able to get just about anything delivered to their homes quickly and easily. 

That’s a vast supply chain management challenge for organizations—particularly when it comes to last-mile logistics. Digital transformation combined with careful planning and organization is required to give customers the experiences they expect while still maintaining efficient and profitable operations. You not only need excellent supply chain efficiency but comprehensive end-to-end visibility to plan, execute, and constantly make adjustments.  

Enterprise Mobility to the Rescue 

Mobile devices in supply chain logistics have multiple digital transformation benefits. They drive efficiency and nimbleness when workers armed with multi-use mobile devices can do everything from scanning to inventory location and smart routing. The same devices deliver actionable data that can be leveraged to drive improvements and spot risk. You can move more quickly to tweak bottlenecks or respond to disruption with a holistic view. 

Honeywell/FarEye is an Example

Honeywell and FarEye offer a device/software combination that gives organizations a real-time view of every supply chain step, from manufacturing to customer delivery. That first-mile to last-mile oversight and data helps optimize operations, enables driver efficiency, cuts costs, and improves customer satisfaction. 

FarEye integrates with in-house tech platforms and offers a seamless information exchange between shippers and carriers. It works through Internet of Things (IoT)-driven tracking of assets and shipments. Advanced last-mile execution is achieved using sophisticated loop optimization and dynamic routing algorithms. You get more on-time deliveries when you can make sure things like pre-planned routes, fuel stops, and breaks are followed. App-enabled driver operations help ensure smooth and organized deliveries. 

FarEye also offers a significant customer-facing component that aids with efficiency and improves the customer experience through an integrated web and mobile platform for real-time visibility and personalization of deliveries. It can be used to let customers pick convenient delivery times and offer live event tracking with communication with drivers. 

Better Visibility, Better Outcomes 

With the shift in customer expectations, organizations have to meet them. You don’t want to get flagged as a company that can’t because poor reputations are hard to shake. Good service drives better Net Promoter Scores, which translates into monetary value. 

Holistic analytics and understanding of your end-to-end supply chain is the path to delivering the outcomes customers want. At Stratix, we understand that and help our customers solve their mobile solution challenges every day. 

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