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The Legacy of Legacy Infrastructure

Managing field personnel across hundreds or thousands of locations is a considerable logistical challenge, and it is no longer cost-effective to keep the productivity and visibility of your operations dependent on manual logistics processes. Masses of digitalized customer data and work orders, virtual training, diagnostics and routing job-related applications on mobile can be a huge source of efficiency. If it’s not well-managed, however, poor employee and customer satisfaction may result.

Mobile Field Service Management

Keeping field service personnel up and running at maximum efficiency is critical to your competitiveness – and that means being able rapidly deploy devices for new employees or scale up for seasonality. You must also be able to get replacements for lost or damaged devices in the hands of employees in 24 hours and support them in the field with 24/7/365 help desk support. It’s also more important than ever to maintain tight control of total cost of ownership (TCO) and offer your associates a complete working solution. How can you do all of this in-house in a sustainable and cost-effective fashion? It’s time to align with a partner with the expertise, custom engineering and support resources to make this possible at scale.

Field Services Management Solutions

Lower TCO

Control expenses with our Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) program that rolls your mobile hardware, software and service costs into a convenient monthly per-device fee.

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Procurement & Deployment

We have an extensive partner network to leverage the purchasing power and certified expertise across android and iOS, that can deliver devices into the hands of your employees ready to go out of the box and fully kitted.

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Business Flexibility

As demand ebbs and flows due to seasonality, employee turnover and other conditions, get the flexibility you need to manage, refresh and recycle devices with a managed spare pool of devices that Stratix takes care of for you from start to finish.

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Reduce Downtime

Our Georgia-based mobile help desk offers highly trained agents 24x7x365 who can quickly solve device issues to minimize disruptive downtime for your field personnel during critical customer calls.

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Visibility & Control

Know where your assets are at all times with our proprietary itrac360 asset management dashboard that provides complete visibility and customizable views of your device usage history.

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Secure Devices

Keep employee devices updated and secure by leveraging while protecting sensitive customer data via our robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) resources.

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The Stratix Advantage for Field Services

Stratix leverages decades of experience supporting mission critical use cases within rugged, industrial environments – supporting them with best in class service and providing simplified and effective managed mobile solutions.
We’ve assembled a comprehensive partner network of leading providers wherein we can leverage purchasing power across multiple vendors.
Our Deployment team specializes in getting device deployments done at scale. Your solutions are completely kitted - with all applications and connectivity loaded – and delivered to field locations and even your employees’ homes.
Our proprietary itrac360 asset management provides real-time visibility of device location and status – say goodbye to lost, stolen or nonfunctioning devices impacting your operations.
Our MDM resources ensure that devices receive updates and security patches remotely. This means your field personnel are always current, don’t have to manage complex upgrades on their own or return devices to the office.
We understand your logistical challenges (seasonal demand spikes, rugged environments, etc.) and offer the business-grade support services – including Reverse Logistics and Lifecycle Management – to match.
Our MDaaS model is ideal for controlling and accounting for the full cost of your mobile environment down to the device level. Stratix is unique in our ability to roll in multi-vendor peripherals into a single per month per device.
With a Net Promoter Score consistently 70+, our 24x7x365 help desk stands ready to eliminate routine issues that can stand between you and a successful customer call in the field.

Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

It’s more than services and support - we are total solution providers, leveraging deep relationships with major OEMs and platforms to craft an end-to-end solution that answers your logistical challenges while lowering your TCO. We’re customer-obsessed and will always work closely with you to equip your field workers to thrive in tough environments. Let’s get it done together.

Leverage better mobility to make customer calls and field operations flawless.

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