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Optimize Your Connections

The strength of a cellular connection is affected by location and which carrier network the user is connected to. Some carriers have better coverage in certain areas.

If your organization has workers who move around a lot, a SmartSIM that seamlessly connects them to the best network in their area is a powerful tool for keeping them at maximum productivity.

With Stratix enhanced cellular data connectivity, you get SmartSIM technology that automatically switches between all the leading carriers, and it's backed by our industry-leading support services.

You don't have to juggle carriers because it features a cost-saving pooled enterprise data plan instead of multiple plans, which means lower rates.

Stay Connected

A break in connectivity is a serious problem for a business. Without access to the data they need, workers are suddenly at a standstill. A retailer can't take credit card payments, and sales stop.

Wireless failover solutions ensure it doesn't happen. If a cable is cut or a carrier network goes down, Stratix failover featuring multicarrier SmartSIM technology seamless transfers connectivity to a new source, keeping critical systems going.

Always-on connectivity is critical to avoiding costly downtime.

Ensure Your Connectivity

Expert Planning

Stratix solution architects will assess your connectivity needs and challenges to recommend the best SmartSIM technology for your organization.

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Back Your People

Our help desk boasts best-in-class NPS scores and an 85% first-call resolution rate. When your people need technical support, our technicians are standing by 24x7.

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Fast Deployment

Our high-speed automated integration center leverages proprietary tools for maximum speed and efficiency so devices and equipment arrive fast and out-of-the-box ready.

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Single Invoice

One pooled enterprise data plan, one support team, and one invoice makes it simple—saving you time and administrative overhead.

Ensure the Best Signal

Provide reliable connectivity and access to critical data and applications regardless of location or if another data source goes down with Stratix SmartSIM and wireless failover.


Stratix connectivity helps you control your spending because data is pooled across your organization—which is less expensive than traditional carrier rates.

Stratix SmartSIM Multi-Carrier Connectivity 

Stratix keeps field workers connected with smart SIM technology that seamlessly switches to the most powerful cellular signal in their area.

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Stratix Wireless Failover 

Stratix provides wireless failover, ensuring continuous business connectivity by switching to backup networks when needed.

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Why Stratix

Your connectivity is vital to your success and Stratix offers the best solutions backed by our industry-leading technical support.

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Don’t let poor connectivity take your business offline.

We know reliable connectivity means maximum productivity for your business operations. Speak with one of our mobile architects to discuss your connectivity concerns and calculate how much you can save.

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