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Enhanced Cellular Data Connectivity

Fact Sheet

What Do You Do When Network Strength Varies by Provider and Location?

Mobile device connectivity is critical to enterprise workflows. Employees need the highest speeds available as they move around to ensure maximum productivity and the best possible user experiences. Whether it is smartphones, tablets, wearables, scanners, ruggedized devices, or IoT components, the challenge is the quality of connections from different carrier networks can change depending on location. Connectivity is so critical that organizations must have a strategy to keep devices working at their best anytime and anywhere.

Stratix Enhanced Cellular Data Connectivity Ensures the Best Signal Every Time

With Stratix enhanced cellular data connectivity, you get a single data plan that uses SmartSIM technology to automatically connect devices to the strongest carrier network. Forget about juggling multiple carriers, managing different wireless plans, and trying to optimize the best connectivity for your end users on your own. Our advanced connectivity capabilities are vital to ensuring end-user connectivity anytime and anywhere at a lower cost.

Stratix Enterprise Mobility Services

  • Assess and design the proper data plans to meet end-users’ data requirements.
  • Managing the procurement and logistics of hardware and SmartSIMs—alleviating the need for you to work through your carrier provisioning and activation of wireless services—ready to use out of the box.
  • 24×7 end-user help desk
  • Lifecycle services—only pay carrier services for devices that are deployed and in use.

Key Business Benefits

  • Month-to-month plans give you the flexibility to activate, deactivate, or suspend service as your business requires.
  • Increased end-user productivity and ROI with SmartSIM technology that automatically switches to the strongest network.
  • Alleviates the requirement from your IT team to manage the carrier services — allowing them to focus on other tasks.
  • Manage data plans to reduce overage fees.
  • Devices assigned to the correct data plan—alleviating unpredictable costs.

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. We’re a single point of contact with best-in-class customer ratings that can ensure you always have a ready-to-go spare pool of devices available. Our Advanced Exchange team quickly deploys equipment wherever it needs to go to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.