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Make It Simple

When you're distributing mobile technology solutions to end users, it's important to give them an intuitive, fast, and automated way to do it that puts them in control. Doing anything else decreases opt-in rates, drains resources, and wastes time.

Too often, organizations struggle with complicated manual ordering processes that involve phone calls, emails, invoices, and poor visibility. It all adds up to delays, mistakes, and inefficiency that frustrate everyone.

Stratix cuts through all that with our customizable portal solutions that deliver great self-service experiences while saving time and money.

One Stop for Everything

Our eCommerce-like ordering portal solutions make mobile technology procurement easy.

Portals are always open for business. You decide who has access, what products they see, and on what terms they can order.

In under three clicks, end users can put together an entire order that is accurate and verified. They're quickly on their way to receiving their device out-of-the-box ready straight from Stratix's distribution center.

IT loves it because the whole process is streamlined and automated. End users love it because it saves time, reduces errors, they can select when they'll get their devices, and they can track everything themselves.

A Portal Solution for Each Use Case


Portals for organizations like franchises enable end users to order devices and services from Stratix and pay for them all in one place to increase opt-in rates.

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Tech Deployments

Manage big technology rollouts with portals that empower users to pick the devices and accessories they want and then schedule delivery times—giving them control and improving the experience.

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On-Demand Ordering

Easily get devices and accessories from stocked inventory or a defined catalog to users as needed—saving IT and end users significant time.

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The Stratix Advantage for Portal Solutions

Stratix Portal Solutions are completely customizable. Put your brand on it and decide exactly what products users see and how they're paid for.
Our partnerships with dozens of leading technology companies mean you can choose exactly the solutions you want and offer them through your portal.
Use the portal for other tasks like getting users to accept terms and conditions or sign agreements.
There are many options to schedule and deliver devices, including multi-location shipping. Users can pick the service that works best for them.
Accuracy is ensured on every order. Predefined bundles make sure nothing is left out of the cart. There are cart review/edit capabilities and USPS address validation.
Our help desk technicians are onshore and ready to assist users with any questions they have.

Distribute Technology Easily with the Stratix Portal

Create seamless eCommerce-like experience for mobile device procurement with the Stratix ordering portal for enterprises.

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Make deployment frictionless with a custom Stratix portal

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