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Stratix eCommerce Portal 

Fact Sheet

Fast and Easy One-Stop Mobile Technology Shopping  

Use the Stratix eCommerce portal when you want your end users, franchisees, or business units to have a simple and fast way to purchase from a corporate catalog. It’s a seamless experience for creating a cart and checking out that does away with complicated manual procurement and ordering processes. With our simple-to-use eCommerce Ordering Portal, users browse a predefined catalog of technology and service options, select what they need, and check out. 

Make it Your Own 

Think of the eCommerce portal as your organization’s presentation of a mobile technology catalog which is feature rich and reflects your brand and users with features like:  

  • Custom branding, imagery, and URL exclusive to you (  
  • Create product and service catalogs with devices, peripherals, and complete end-to-end managed services all in one package, a la carte, or both.  
  • Choose from different catalog and product layout options and describe the products and services using corporate terminology. 
  • Manage user sign-on, role permissions, and account profiles. 
  • Set up secure and encrypted payment options like invoicing, ACH, or credit card transactions. 
  • Ensure users accept predefined terms and conditions or agreements using corporate language. 

Make it User-Friendly 

We make it easy for users—increasing opt-in rates and improving their satisfaction and productivity. 

  • Allow users to register with a new account in a single step and give them total control of their password and account at any time. Their profile information is saved, which makes the checkout process faster and more convenient. 
  • Users can pick the shipping option that best fits their needs and specify preferred shipping dates. Addresses are verified through USPS to prevent errors and ensure orders go to the correct place.  
  • Order tracking lets users see the current status of their order, with delivery and tracking information (links) at the ready at any time. A complete history of previous orders makes reordering really simple. 
  • One page checkout makes it simple and convenient, users select a shipping address from their profile and pick their preferred secure payment method. 
  • Allow customers to make changes to their order—such as canceling or modifying orders—so they have more control and can easily adjust if needed.  
  • The portal is available 24x7x365, and Stratix help desk support is always available to assist users with any questions. 

How The Stratix Ecommerce Portal Will Help Your Organization: 

  • Hand off the hassle
    With a streamlined ordering process, you can ensure your internal IT and procurement teams are freed from the day-to-day tasks of acquiring and distributing devices.  
  • Accuracy ensured
    Users can review their shopping cart and previous orders to know the right equipment will get to the right locations exactly when needed.   
  • Get everyone on board
    The simplified procurement process increases opt-in rates and adoption. 
  • Simplicity and control in the hands of end users
    Users place orders when they want, get email notifications, easily track the status of an order 24×7, or look up past orders and shipments. 
  • Save time and resources by providing flexible ordering options:
    With selectable shipping and billing locations, the smart shopping cart allows multiple ship-to locations within one order. 

Why Stratix

Stratix is North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist and focuses exclusively on mobility services, with over three million devices deployed. We specialize in making mobile technology convenient, easy, and cost-effective for our customers. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage, and support your technology programs, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your organization.