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Stratix Deployment Portal

Fact Sheet

Make Thousands of Deliveries On Time for Large Tech Rollouts

Use the quick and easy Stratix Deployment Portal when you want your end users to have a personalized ordering and delivery experience that they control. Users are “greeted” by name. In just three clicks, they can order and arrange to ship to their home—whenever they’d like it delivered. 

Make a “Splash”   

Instead of a headache, deployments become an exciting launch where you design a custom experience for your users out of the box. Present your brand exactly the way you want with features like:  

  • A custom URL ( with your branded landing page, imagery, and descriptions. 
  • You decide exactly what users see, from packages and accessories to agreements and terms and conditions. 
  • Create experiences by job roles—provide access, show specific products, account history, or set the number of times and amounts they can order.  
  • Securely collect payment for accessories or device buy-back programs that are not covered by corporate. 

Delight Your Users  

We make it easy for your end users to place an order, select a delivery location, and set preferred delivery dates in as little as three clicks!  

  • Create a seamless experience with pre-registration or single sign-on, so users are recognized on entry, and there’s no need to complete a registration process. 
  • Users can pick the shipping option that best fits their needs and specify preferred shipping dates. If they change their mind, they can edit their order address and delivery date up until it’s being prepped for delivery. 
  • Addresses are verified through USPS to prevent errors and ensure orders go to the correct place—whether commercial or residential.  
  • Order history lets users see the status of their order at any time, and tracking numbers are updated when the carrier has it on its way! 
  • Offer end users the option to buy devices or accessories to add to their device order. 

How The Stratix Deployment Portal Will Help Your Organization: 

  • Simplicity and control in the hands of end users: The portal is open 24×7 with the ability to select delivery dates and addresses and make changes via their order history. 
  • Quickly scale tech deployments and “set it and forget it”: Predefine the rollout schedule and the number of devices for kitting, configuring, and shipping per day and let our system dynamically provide “availability” for end users.   
  • Order anytime and all at once: Because Stratix will ensure the portal is open 24×7 and will scale up for the expected number of end users with queueing as needed, we can scale to handle thousands of orders processed per hour. 
  • Ensure a high level of accuracy and visibility: Users can review their orders before they’re shipped, and we validate addresses, ensuring the right equipment gets to the right locations exactly when needed. And, it’s easy to track the status of an order 24×7 or look up past orders and shipments. 

Why Stratix

Stratix is North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist and focuses exclusively on mobility services, with over three million devices deployed. We specialize in making mobile technology convenient, easy, and cost-effective for our customers. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage, and support your technology programs, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your organization.