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Don't Get Left Behind

Mobile devices improve productivity, processes, and efficiency when workforces are mobile or decentralized—especially when tasks are automated.

But many organizations don't have the expertise or resources to build a mobile infrastructure that'll ensure device reliability in the field, facilitate employee communication, and manage apps for things like intelligent routing and secure single sign-on.

That cuts productivity and slows company growth.

Build an End-To-End SmartMobile Program

Ensuring that your mobile workforce's tasks are streamlined, sustainable, and well-supported starts with a holistic management strategy.

You need the right devices, the right applications, and robust support, repair, and device lifecycle services.

Stratix offers the expertise, resources, and bandwidth you need to keep your workforce productive, serving customers, and "always on."

Let Stratix Help You Meet Your Productivity Goals

We can design a program to get you to the business outcomes you want

Plan Your Roadmap

Stratix Mobile Solutions Architects have experience across many industries to design an optimal mobile program for you.

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Call in Reinforcements

You need a managed mobility partner with a team of skilled project managers that can reduce costly errors and ensure seamless integration.

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Do It Right

Ensure a smooth migration and enjoy high employee satisfaction with an experienced partner that can navigate the complexities of large-scale rollouts.

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Have Backups

We can manage your spare spool inventory to guarantee fast hot-swap replacements, and we repair thousands of devices a month to minimize downtime.

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Support Your People Wherever They Are

Our onshore 24x7x365 support center is staffed with experts who can quickly solve device issues to minimize disruptive downtime for your workforce.

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Leverage Our Partners

We have a huge ecosystem of technology partners that we use to build total solutions, and you get a single point of contact for all of them.

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Fact Sheet: Unified Endpoint Management  

Stratix crafts, deploys, and manages UEM solutions that bring you all the benefits of state-of-the-art automation and threat detection.

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