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Where is Everything?

Mobile devices are a vital part of workflows at just about every organization because they increase productivity, nimbleness, and convenience.

But enterprise mobility solutions bring a new level of complexity that companies haven't had to deal with in the past. Users are often widely dispersed, and it's very challenging to keep an eye on every device, its status, and location.

It leads to significant problems when you don't have 24/7 visibility of the health of your entire mobile environment. Spare pool inventory levels can get too low. Devices that should be repaired can sit on shelves—meaning lost ROI. You also risk not seeing performance and repair trends that should be used for strategic decisions—like excessive downtime with a particular enterprise mobility solution.


Itrac360 Asset Management

Tame the Chaos with Mobile Asset Management

The Stratix itrac360 platform is a holistic mobile asset management system that quickly gives you the information you need in one dashboard.

It pulls data in real-time for a comprehensive view that includes spare pool levels, order tracking, asset location, help desk incidents, repair history, and more—going far beyond simple reporting.

You see the complete lifecycle of every device, from procurement, provisioning, and activation to repair, technical support, and decommissioning. And with itrac360's built-in analytics, you get the strategic information you need for a maximum return on your enterprise mobility investments.


The Value of the Big Picture in Asset Management

itrac360 Key Benefits

Built-in Alert System

Set up alerts based on your KPIs—such as performance history and spare pool levels—to ensure that devices are always on and always available. Other thresholds can be customized for your unique mobile asset management needs.

One Place to See it All

itrac360 mobile asset management features a customizable and simple-to-use graphical dashboard to view trends, monitor alerts, see repair volumes, and track asset distribution at a glance.

Real-time Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analysis from multiple data sources in one dashboard to help track mobile asset locations, owners, current status, repair history, and more for every mobile device in your ecosystem.

Support Management

See real-time reporting of help desk incidents, ticket status, and other pertinent information.

Easy Self-Service

Your personnel can manage ship to contacts, device attributes, perform asset assignments, initiate returns, and more.

Versatile and Scalable

itrac360 is configurable for each individual user and role, and it currently tracks more than 3 million assets and over a million RMAs.

Fact Sheet: Mobile Asset Management (itrac360)

Get real-time visibility in one dashboard of all serialized assets in their current state with our asset management itrac360 tool.

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Why Stratix?

We know how critical it is for enterprise organizations to track and manage thousands of mobile devices efficiently. That's why we built our exclusive itrac360 platform to offer our customers a true mobile asset management system. Whether an asset is newly deployed, active in the field, or in repair, you can view its history, status, and location in real-time.

Never lose track of a mobile asset again.

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