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Fact Sheet: Mobile Asset Management (itrac360)

Fact Sheet

The Complexity of Managing Mobile Devices Can Be Overwhelming

Mobile devices are the backbone of more and more enterprise workflows. They’re handy and powerful, which drives productivity, efficiency, and great user experiences—meaning many companies have adopted mobile-first—or mobile-only—mindsets that put mobile at the heart of their strategy, operations, and overall digital transformation.

Because they’re so important, companies can no longer afford the uncertainty of where their assets are—whether at rest or in the hands of their employees. But tracking and managing thousands of devices effectively is very complex. Organizations must have a strategy to oversee their assets throughout their lifecycle. When they don’t:

  • Many mobile programs fail as organizations cannot properly track, manage, and monitor mobile assets. Anticipated ROI isn’t reached
  • Organizations lack the data to make informed decisions resulting in decreased end-user productivity and business efficiencies
  • You cannot track performance, repair trends, and spare pool for strategic planning without good data


  • Gathering and leveraging useful analytics and reporting for devices and lifecycle trends.
  • Asset information is tracked manually in spreadsheets with complex and infrequent reporting.
  • No single portal or mechanism to submit and track device Return Materials Authorization (RMAs) and repair status.


  • Itrac360 gives you the big picture down to a granular view of your entire mobile environment to make informed and educated decisions.
  • With itrac360, you can see everything from one pane of glass (dashboard) with custom alerts and triggers to allow easy management.
  • The Stratix itrac360 portal allows for device RMA submittal and a 360° view of the repair status.

Stratix itrac360 Services

See your entire mobile environment in one place  

  • Real-time enterprise-wide visibility of your mobile assets inventory 
  • Detailed device information 
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics 
  • RMA submission and tracking 
  • Lost/stolen device management 
  • Repair lifecycle visibility 
  • Self-service access 24x7x365 
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM) support 
  • Customized graphical dashboard 
  • Automated e-mail alerts based on KPI thresholds 
  • Self-service ability to: 
    – Update device attributes—including end-user name, location, serial number, asset tag, and SIM 
    – Manage device user assignments 
    – Bulk upload contacts and addresses
  •  API Integration 

Custom itrac360 Services

  • Ordering and deployment portals for end users
  • Run rate orders and API integrations
  • Help desk incident dashboard
  • Onboarding existing legacy assets

Key Business Benefits

  • Single pane of glass to access and view all the mobile devices within your ecosystem
  • Self-service access to manage, track, and monitor mobile assets
  • Easy to use RMA submittal using simple asset pick lists
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to make informed business decisions
  • Customized alerts based on customer-specific KPIs and thresholds
  • Real-time reporting of help desk incidents, ticket status, and additional details
  • API integration with your internal systems
  • Flexible and scalable to meet your organization’s business requirements

Get Your House in Order with Stratix itrac360 – 24x7x365

Stratix offers unequaled asset management with our exclusive itrac360 portal. It gives you real-time visibility in a single pane of glass (dashboard) to see all mobile devices and serialized assets in their current state, including:

  • Procurement
  • Provisioning
  • Deployment
  • Location
  • Asset Assignment
  • RMA Submittal Repair
  • Status Device
  • Disposition

Why Stratix

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices deployed. We deliver unequaled asset management with our exclusive itrac360 tool. It gives real-time visibility in one dashboard of all serialized assets in their current state. Customers can also view and update the data elements of a device, whether purchased or leased. The easy-to-use tool and data drives informed decisions that improve end-user productivity and increase overall business efficiencies—reducing a customer’s monthly and annual spending. itrac360 is OEM-agnostic, allowing us the flexibility and scalability to offer unparalleled asset management 24x7x365.