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Don't Leave Them Hanging

If your mobile devices stop working, so does your business. End users need expert support anytime and anywhere they are, to minimize downtime.

But enterprise mobility support can be difficult. End users are often dispersed, and IT teams many times aren't as familiar with the mobile devices, multiple operating systems, and apps because they're so different from the PC technology they've traditionally supported.

Inexperienced help desk support can lead to end-user frustration, unnecessary device repairs, and loss of productivity. Frequent problems often push people to abandon new technology, which can cripple digital transformation strategies.


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Help is Just a Call Away

Stratix has a best-in-class enterprise help desk that quickly solves problems to ensure the best possible end-user experiences—including custom knowledge base design for specific use cases.

Our on-shore team of highly-trained personnel efficiently resolve issues for a wide range of hardware, software, and business use-cases for continuous, effective, and efficient business operations.

The quality and experience of our service are why the Stratix mobility help desk continues to achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.


SmartMobile Services Save the Day: Mobility Help Desk Support

Mobility Help Desk Key Benefits

Customized Experience

We build knowledge bases and run books tailored to each customer to ensure we provide the exact experience end users need.

Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

We have a best-in-class 71+ NPS rating (the industry standard is 33).

High First Call Resolution

First calls are resolved at an 85%+ rate, keeping your devices in the field and your employees highly productive.

Reduce Costly Spare Pools and Operational Disruption

Our help desk reduces "No Fault Found" (NFF) returns, avoiding additional Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) requests.

Level 1 and Level 2 Support

We can go past the device level and provide help desk support for MDM/EMM services, applications issues, and email problems.

100% On-Shore

None of our support services are offshore or outsourced.

Fact Sheet: Mobility Help Desk

With device-specific and mobile applications experts, we ensure the right people with the right skills are available to support you 24x7.

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Why Stratix?

Minimize downtime with best-in-class technical help and guidance for you and your people, wherever and whenever you need us, 100% on-shore. We resolve issues quickly with an 85% first call resolution and 70+NPS quality score—in the top 1% in the industry.

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