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Use Case: Lower Your
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Don't Get Caught Out

No one wants to have to face the boss to explain why they're over budget or not delivering the expected returns, but it frequently happens when organizations are surprised by mobile technology expenses they didn't anticipate.

Calculating your actual mobile total cost of ownership (TCO) is more complex than just adding up the price of devices and carrier plans.

As organizations focus on mobile-first strategies to be more agile and productive, getting a handle on your true mobile TCO is critical.

Spend Less and Get Better Results

A full understanding of your mobile environment keeps you from being blindsided by expenses like:

-Mobile asset management and reporting
-Support and repair
-Spare spool maintenance
-Staying current with upgrades & updates
-Loss of productivity caused by downtime

You can lower those costs and improve results when you partner with a Managed Mobile Services provider like Stratix for enterprise-grade lifecycle management.

Let Stratix Boost Your Mobile Technology ROI

We deliver expertise, services, and support at scale to reduce mobile TCO

Get the Right Strategy

Leveraging our decades of experience with companies just like yours, our Solution Architects will study your needs and craft a solution that offers great user experiences at a predictable cost.

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Cut Equipment Costs

Our relationships with all the leading OEMs give us the buying power to get you the best pricing on devices and accessories.

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Manage Your Wireless Spending

We can help reduce costs and free up resources through continuous monitoring and auditing of carrier charges.

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Optimize Device Utilization

Our end-to-end Managed Services are optimized to reduce spare pool investment and time-to-repair while maximizing each asset to its fullest.

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Increase Efficiency

Our dedicated 24/7/365 expert remote support is more efficient than relying solely on in-house teams, because we reduce no fault found and keep your devices in the field longer.

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Know What's What

Our itrac360 dashboard provides real-time visibility and usage histories of your mobile assets in one place. You know where equipment is and its status, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Fact Sheet: Mobile Device as a Service

Our Mobile Device as a Service rolls complete mobile solutions into a convenient monthly per-device price. Get a complete mobile solution.

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See how Stratix can help you get a greater ROI for your mobile programs.

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