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Easy and Sustainable K-12 Education Technology Services

School districts across the country face unprecedented education technology challenges as they support broad 1:1 device deployments for students to use in the classroom and at home.

Maintaining and administering large-scale tablet, laptop, and Chromebook for education programs puts immense pressure on internal IT teams who don't have enough time or resources to procure, deploy, and support them effectively.

We take the burden off school district IT teams with Stratix SmartMobile Education Technology (SET) programs that are cost-effective, straightforward, scalable, and sustainable.

Our comprehensive suite of education technology support services allow districts to focus on what they do best: teaching.


Introduction to Stratix Education Technology Services

Cost Effective Expert Managed Services for Higher Education Technology

Whether tablets, laptops, mobile devices, or scanners, the proliferation of mobile devices on campus for facilities, athletics, labs, students, and faculty is leading to IT team burnout.

Internal IT teams often lack the resources to support diverse device sets, OS, and security requirements for enterprise-scale mobile tech programs. Stratix does.

We work with companies like Apple® and HP® which provide leading higher education technology tools like iPad®, Mac®, and Chromebooks. Our expert team reduces technology costs and complexity through end-to-end managed services for all your devices—optimizing your spending.

Education Technology Solutions

We are passionate about education and committed to ensuring our partner districts have an easy-to-use,
sustainable, and cost-effective program in place.

Reduce IT Burnout

Ensuring that IT teams have a support resource and an easy-to-use repair process reduces stress. We are experts at complex logistics and managing every last detail at scale.

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Unique and Flexible Options for Education

Stratix understands the distinct technology needs in education, and we design and deliver tailored EDU options like on-site pick-up, lockers, and end-of-year tune-ups.

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Strategic Education Partnerships

Stratix enjoys long-standing relationships with the top education hardware, software, and accessory providers. Our certified solution experts have deep expertise with all of them.

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Fast, High-Quality, Repair

Your IT teams, staff, and even students have access to remote support services for HP, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and Samsung that ensure only truly broken devices are returned, and when they are, they move through our in-house certified repair within days.

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Do More With Your Budget

Stratix services and support ensure that you get the right devices and software and keep them running for their full expected lifespans. It cuts waste and downtime—so IT teams free up budgets for investments.

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A 1:1 program isn't a one-and-done. It's an investment that can reap benefits long into the future. With Stratix Lifecycle Services, we make sure your devices stay repaired, maintained, and ready, so you get the maximum return on investment.

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The Stratix Advantage for Education

We have 40 years of deep strategic mobile expertise, facilitating deployments of ready-to-go, fully-enrolled devices at scale. Our SET program transforms digital learning operations for schools, students, parents, guardians, and IT teams supporting them.
We have dedicated team of experienced educators on staff to provide support, assistance, and best practices to ensure your program runs smoothly day- to-day.
We excel in the logistics of everyday lifecycle management and support, keeping your new and existing devices working so you get the most out of your investment.
We are a certified repair facility and handle everything in-house, which allows us to turn around devices rapidly—as early as the next day.
We support students, teachers, faculty, and administration after hours and on weekends. When IT teams can't be there 24x7, Stratix can!
We deliver high-quality results, from 99.9% on-time deployment delivery to industry-leading customer satisfaction scores (70+ Net Promoter Score/NPS), giving you the ultimate mobile technology partner to back up your learning operations.

Lead From the Front with Apple for Higher Education

Give your students and faculty the Apple advantages for innovation and learning with our higher education solutions.

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Stratix SmartMobile Education Technology

Stratix is passionate about education and committed to powering today’s students with technology that works right out of the box.

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Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience for your staff and students both in the classroom and virtually through distance learning at scale. We can help you bridge the digital divide with a sustainable technology program that works for everyone.

When your bandwidth for supporting device-led learning gets tested, get the right partner to help you make the grade.

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