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Smart Education Technology

Helping to bridge the digital divide with a full suite of SmartMobile devices and services that deliver a comprehensive remote experience for students, working right out-of-the-box.

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The Digital Divide

School districts across the country are facing unprecedented stress in supporting large-scale virtual learning programs for both students in classrooms and those at home, but the dependence on IT devices and connectivity carries its own complications. For the millions of schoolchildren without access to devices or the internet – there is a new inequality that is vividly emerging in America’s K-12 education right now. Only a sustainable 1:1 distance learning program that serves all students can reshape the educational landscape.

Don’t Go It Alone on Virtual Learning

Even when hardware and connectivity devices are deployed ubiquitously, school districts are not equipped to provide support, substantive device-level services, administration and security. The result is an ineffective and hard-to-manage hybrid learning solution that just doesn’t pass the test for the students and staff who need it most. Stratix SmartMobile Education Technology (SET) program provides a comprehensive suite of devices and services that answer your most pressing digital learning needs at scale. We coordinate everything from device procurement and provisioning to widescale deployment and robust student support and device management capabilities.


Introduction to Stratix Education Technology Services

Education Mobility Solutions

We are passionate about education and committed to powering today’s students with technology that works right out of the box.

Executing at Speed & Scale

Securing large volumes of educational devices and rapidly deploying is no easy task. We are experts at complex deployments and managing every last detail at scale.

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Managing Cost & Control

There is a delicate balance that needs to be struck that reduces budget risk while maintaining a high-level of control & visibility. We have extensive partnerships with device manufacturers to provide the right solution to fit the needs of your students and your budget.

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Keeping Students Safe & Secure

Providing devices for virtual learning introduces new considerations to safeguard students. We partner with Bark for Schools, maximizing the security and safety of every student.

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Intuitive User Experience

Ease of use is paramount because students need to be successful from the first logon. We make that happen by delivering a device that is ready to go and is supported by our highly-trained help desk agents troubleshooting issues quickly.

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Our strategic alignment with major US carriers means we can connect you with cellular-based solutions where WiFi is not available or inconsistent.

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A 1:1 program isn’t one and done, it’s an investment that can reap benefits long into the future when it’s planned for. And with Stratix Lifecyle services, we make sure your devices stay repaired, maintained and ready for students that need them.

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The Stratix Advantage for Education

We have 35 years of deep strategic mobile expertise, facilitating deployments of ready-to-go, fully-enrolled devices at scale. Our SET program has already transformed digital learning operations for school districts students, parents, guardians and IT teams supporting them.
We work closely with student safety experts such as Bark for Schools to integrate proactive student protection services into our programs, thereby keeping them safe and secure when their online
We excel in the logistics of everyday lifecycle management and support, keeping your new and existing devices working so you get the most out of your investment.
We have access to various device manufacturers and can right-size and manage your solution to fit the needs of your students.
We support students, parents & guardians after hours and on weekends, because learning doesn’t just happen during working hours.
We deliver high quality results, from 99.9% on-time deployment delivery to industry-leading customer satisfaction scores, giving you the ultimate mobile technology partner to back up your virtual learning operations.

Stratix SmartMobile Education Technology

Stratix is passionate about education and committed to powering today’s students with technology that works right out of the box.

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Mobile Technology Partner Ecosystem

Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience for your staff and students both in the classroom and virtually through distance learning at scale. We can help you bridge the digital divide with a sustainable technology program that works for everyone.

When your bandwidth for device-led learning and support gets tested, get the right partner to help you make the grade.

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