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Don't Settle for Off-The-Shelf

One-size-fits-all enterprise mobile solutions often fail to deliver expected results. Many see poor end-user adoption, extensive downtime, low productivity, and an inadequate return on investment.

Problems start when companies and educational organizations go out and buy an off-the-shelf solution and simply expect it to keep working once deployed.

Mobile technology changes constantly, and many companies lack the expertise and experience needed to design a holistic enterprise mobility strategy that goes far beyond just picking devices and software.


Effective Mobile Solution Planning

Design with Confidence

The benefit of partnering with enterprise mobility consultants is you get the knowledge we've gained over years of successful mobile solution design. Stratix's IT Mobile Strategy Planning team is outcome-driven, aligning your mobility program to the results you seek.

We know what questions to ask and how to work with organizations to fully understand user communities, workflows, environments and support needs. Then, we draft a mobility blueprint that's laser-focused on the precise deliverables required.

We leverage our relationships with leading OEM partners for device selection, craft change-management strategies, and layout effective deployment procedures.

With a well-thought-out enterprise mobile solution, you're set up for success.


Mobile Solution Design

Make Our Experts Your Experts

Assessments and Workshops

Our team of experts will help lead information gathering around end-user workflows and needs, business goals, and current mobile infrastructure assets and capabilities.

Broad Experience

We continually execute nonstop mobile enterprise mobility strategies for customers and constantly evaluate technologies, platforms, and providers. We know and work with the industry's best.

OEM Partners

Our solution architects are certified across various platforms and aligned with leading OEM providers – you get a broad set of options in one place.

Transformation Support

We're here for you at every step as we plan your mobile blueprint and transition from Day-1 deployment to Day-2 Support. We ensure your solution design is a success.


Our knowledge helps you evaluate the life expectancy of operating systems and devices. Plus, we offer insights on adaptability for future solution expansion and flexibility.

Accurate TCO Forecasting

We know what it takes to design, procure, deploy, and support enterprise mobility solutions so we can help prevent unexpected costs.

Fact Sheet: Mobile Strategy Planning

At Stratix, we take the time to listen and then design a mobility blueprint that gets you where you want to go.

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Why Stratix?

We have nearly four decades of experience designing and implementing mobile strategies for some of the country's largest organizations. We know what works, what doesn't, and how to design enterprise mobility blueprints that will get you where you want to go.

Don't get just any plan.
Get the plan built for you.

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