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Telecom Expense Management

Better Spending Decisions

We take the complexity out of telecom expenses, giving you the visibility to make better spending decisions.

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Effective Billing Review and Expense Reduction

To calculate your total cost of ownership (TCO), accurate analysis of your wireless and wireline expenses is important. That makes a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution indispensable if you want to invest in ways that reduce spending and free up resources. But, carrier accounting and cross-billing issues are complex and ever-evolving. You need a partner that can provide real-time reporting of your telecom expenses and your inventory, integrated in a web portal that provides a cradle-to-grave view of every device.

Telecom Billing Management

Our Telecom Expense Management services restore visibility and control over your mobile service expenses. We deliver the insights your organization needs to make informed spending decisions and optimize your TCO. Better processes that simplify user requests increase satisfaction, ensure standards are met, and reduce costs. With continuous monitoring and auditing of carrier charges, and line-level savings through optimization and reduction, we won’t stop until we’ve simplified your telecom spend.

Telecom Expense Management Key Benefits

Streamlined Management

Our convenient dashboard handles spending for all carrier-connected mobile devices and hotspots. Landline expenses and cloud services also can be managed to control costs.

Delegated Permissions

We give you the ability to configure different roles and approval responsibilities for times when your managers are not available.

Cost Reduction

Drive ROI with consistent reduction of billing errors, across all vendors, all in one location.

Wireless and Wireline Billing

We provide integrated billing and optimization for communications devices across your enterprise.

International Travel

Reduce international travel costs, before you are hit with a large charge.

Multilayer Billing Review

Automated review processes are followed by trained auditor verification.

Configurable Portal

Integrate a TEM portal into your ecosystem with your corporate branding.

Scalable Workflow

Get integrated authentication and a single sign-on for enterprises to provide a seamless approval and ordering process.

Uncover and manage the true costs of telecom.

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