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Telecom Costs Quickly Add Up

With so many data plans and devices to manage, telecom expense management is a complex puzzle that challenges even the most experienced IT and financial teams.

But getting a handle on your combined wireline and wireless telecom expenses is paramount as mobile solutions play ever-larger roles in operations.

You need to know what you're paying for, how much you're actually paying, and where you can reduce spend. Then, you can accurately predict annual expenditures and develop the most efficient organization-wide budget solution possible.

Untangle Telecom Expense Complexity

When you partner with Stratix, our telecom expense management services give you comprehensive visibility and control over your expenses.

Our mobile asset management software platform handles all the moving parts, including changing technologies, security, policies, compliance, carrier contracts, inventory management, device replacement, and more.

Instead of manually managing all your mobile-related information—and possibly spending money where you could be saving it—our software automates mobility management and closes the gaps.

Effective Billing Review and Telecom Expense Reduction

Streamlined Management

Centralize your invoice processing, simplify departmental allocation and reconciliation, consolidate silos of data, and effectively manage your mobile technology expenses—all in one place.

Complete Visibility

Our expert analysis shows you who spends the most, who spends the least, and cycles of usage for better strategic spending.

Cost Reduction

Aggregate data—from usage and rate-plan optimization to carrier contracts and changes—and normalize it into one accurate and transparent report. 

Full Control

Being able to modify data plans, replace, or upgrade devices easily through a seamless portal experience gives end users the power to make changes when you need to.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Our easy-to-understand portal streamlines management/payment for multiple departments/billing centers.

Smart Shopping

Stratix gives you the ability to quickly compare what you're paying with what's available from other carriers to see if you can save.

Why Stratix?

Telecom expense management services from Stratix help you rein in costs while making management easier and less stressful.

Stratix Telecom Expense Management 

Keeping a lid on costs requires holistic thinking and strategies across organizations. Stratix is your trusted partner that can lead you to effective mobile-first strategies that will help you achieve your goals while staying within your budget.   

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Enhanced Cellular Data Connectivity

Mobile device connectivity is critical to enterprise workflows. Employees need the highest speeds available as they move around to ensure maximum productivity and the best possible user experiences.

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Untangle Telecom Expense Complexity

Get a complimentary assessment of your telecom spend.

Leverage our decades of experience and relationships with all the major OEMs and carriers to strategically reduce your mobile spending.

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