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Attract, Keep & Grow Customers

Surviving and thriving in retail requires a balance of innovation, agility and dedication to delivering a superior customer experience across all channels. Customers are now accustomed to flexibility and convenience features that empowers them to confidently shop on their terms. The key to delivering this is keeping your store-level mobile technology updated, supported and fully functional at scale so your associates can deliver on your brand promise.


Role of Mobile Technology in the Retail Industry

Securing the Future

The value of your brand and foundation of sales success is tied up in the shopping experience. To deliver superior value and maintain loyal customers, you need to be able to deploy, support and manage a wide range of integrated solutions that support curbside pickup, Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS), secure contactless payments and mobile Point of Sale (mPoS) as well as inventory, supply chain and merchandising use cases. The flexibility to keep up with shifting demands, making it easier and more intuitive for shoppers – at scale, efficiently and affordably, is crucial.

Retail Solutions


Keep your mPOS devices compliant, secured and up-to-date throughout their lifecycle with end-to-end managed services.

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Drive revenue using the flexibility of lifecycle spare pool services to quickly scale mobile capability for seasonality and disruptive events.

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Managed Franchise Technology

Ensure your customers get the same brand experience at all locations with our end-to-end services for franchisees and corporate stores.

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Lower TCO

Jump ahead of the curve implementing the latest mobile technology cost effectively, with monthly Device as a Service plans built for your budget.

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Mobile Blueprint

Reduce the cost of managing mobile by leveraging certified mobile solution architects to design the right mobile program that can be handled by a single point of contact.

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Inventory Management

Equip your associates with productivity-enhanced mobile scanners and wearables, fully-kitted, connected and ready to use out of the box.

The Stratix Advantage for Retailers

Leverage our partnership with 40+ leading technology companies to ensure your customized solution enhances your brand.
Our proprietary asset management portal gives you 360-degree visibility into your store-level assets, enabling better analytics and control of costs.
We do everything in-house and have dedicated facilities for provisioning, repair, and spare-pool inventory, that enables us to deliver next-day replacement devices.
With a Net Promoter Score consistently 80+, our 24x7x365 help desk team resolves issues quickly to ensure your associates are always ready to serve customers.
Nonstop Mobility, we have the most experience in the industry and because we are customer obsessed, our average retail client tenure is more than 10 years.

Transforming Mobile Point of Sale Through SmartMobile Services for Apple

Stratix and Apple are redefining mobile solutions for retail operations by combining high-value, end-to-end managed services with the world’s most advanced mobile technology.

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Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience to your associates, stores and across your entire network. Together, there is not a problem that we can’t solve for you.

You don't just need retail mobile devices. You need a retail mobile strategy.

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