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Streamline Operations

Manufacturers use mobile technology to drive leaner processes, dramatically increase productivity, and lower labor costs across the production line.

Mobile devices improve communication, safety, and quality control. Smartphones, tablets, scanners, wearables, RFID sensors, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices digitize workflows. The data and efficiency you gain empower you to get a leg up on the competition.

Integrating mobile technology with existing manufacturing systems can be complex and time-consuming. Operations often cover wide geographic areas, adding to the complexity. The day-to-day management of a broad set of devices employed in multiple use cases with significant physical separation leaves IT teams overwhelmed.

End-To-End Solutions

Let us help you design a custom mobile technology solution that'll solve your challenges, deliver excellent user experiences, and transform your operations.

Stratix helps manufacturers in a wide range of use cases to capitalize on mobility’s ability to efficiently connect people, data and processes. Leveraging the best aspects of IoT, these businesses are now more fluidly managing their processes to stay competitive and better serve a rapidly changing consumer dynamic.

Stratix has the resources to deliver fast procurement, deployment, and management of manufacturing technology at any scale.

Manufacturing Management Technology Solutions

Always Have the Right Technology

Manufacturing management technology must work well regardless of the environment, and Stratix partners with the top rugged device makers in the business.

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Specialized Solution Architects

Our certified mobile solution architects know your industry and can help you craft the best manufacturing management technology solutions for your business.

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Custom-Designed Accessories

Innovative mounts and specially designed enclosures from our custom accessories team ensure your devices will fit your environment while maximizing safety, security, and productivity across your specific use cases.

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Reduce IT Time and Effort

We're the single point of contact across all your operations. We take care of everything from rapid deployments to standardizing device configuration/administration, support, service, and repair for all your locations.

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No Boundaries

Our Mobile Integration Center team can kit and configure devices at large scales and ship them anywhere—managing the complexities so solutions arrive out-of-the-box ready on day one.

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Reduce Costs

Stratix telecom expense management analysts go through your mobile spend monthly to see where you can achieve extra savings.

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The Stratix Advantage for Manufacturing Management Technology

Stratix leverages decades of experience in manufacturing management to design, deploy, and support solutions that will help you achieve your goals.
We're dedicated to helping you rapidly scale. When you need tens of thousands of devices deployed to multiple locations in weeks—not months—there's no one better to have on your side.
Our total solutions, leveraging our extensive partner network, drive employee productivity and safety.
We're customer-obsessed, so we won't stop until we have simplified your technology refresh cycles, minimized your risks, and enacted digital transformation across your operations.
Our help desk specialists are ready 24x7x365 to help keep devices up and running, thereby reducing no-fault found returns and keeping those assets where you need them most to power productivity.
Our proprietary itrac360 asset management provides real-time visibility of device details and status—always be in the know.

Why Stratix Partner Ecosystem

It’s more than services and support - we are total solution providers, leveraging deep relationships with, and certifications from, major OEMs and platforms to craft unique expert end-to-end solutions that transform and support your daily operations.

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