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Global Industrial Materials and Tooling Supplier

Case Study

State-of-the-art mobility infrastructure and user support


A global supplier of industrial materials and tooling had high expectations for achieving breakthrough innovation with mobility. However, the company didn’t want to have to take on the significant burden of managing the complexity of a mobile infrastructure and maintaining the expertise required in such a rapidly advancing technology.


This manufacturing leader turned to Stratix and our complete mobility management services to manage everything from device procurement and provisioning to server administration and monitoring to end-user support and policy compliance. Now, employees in every part of the business are able to take full advantage of advancements in mobile devices, apps, and services without waiting for the company’s internal IT resources to catch up or find the time or budget to respond.


Organizations in manufacturing and industrial supply often find it challenging to plan and budget for new technology – even though they aspire for a steady stream of improvements to efficiency, user engagement, and customer experience. With the insights Stratix managed services provide, the company has been able to realize incremental investments that can reap quick rewards while reducing the risk and burden of its internal team having to keep up with new technologies.