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Mobile Lifecycle Services

A Comprehensive Mobile Device Lifecycle Management Program

Managing mobile devices is complex and time-consuming, and it requires a synchronized strategy between your technology decision-makers, your business units and vendors. To do it right, you must be able to efficiently obtain devices, get them set up, distribute them, always know where they are, and repair and replace them if they fail. Not getting it right can drastically affect productivity, downtime, and end-user experiences.


SmartMobile Lifecycle Management Services

End-to-End Managed Services

Stratix provides the resources and expertise to ensure that every stage in the life of your mobile program—from procurement to retirement—is efficient, effective, and economical. Our comprehensive lifecycle and reverse logistics services keep your devices up and running in your employees’ hands, transacting business and maximizing your mobile technology investments.

Mobile Lifecycle Services Key Benefits

Structured Onboarding

We deliver a detailed, easy-to-understand accounting of support team members and all the necessary documentation.

Lifecycle Services

We provide comprehensive, manufacturer-agnostic repair and replacement services for all your mobile technology.


Get end-to-end visibility of repair history, ownership, and usage for all your devices in a single dashboard.

Reverse Logistics

Redeploy or resell refurbished mobile technology to maximize value on your mobility spend.

Standard Compliance

Secure device handling protects sensitive data in full PCI compliance.

Mobility as a Service

We deliver mobile hardware, software and support services in a single, fixed monthly fee.

Love your mobility longer.

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