Stratix Helps Major Grocery Retailer Achieve Digital Transformation 

Stratix Helps Major Grocery Retailer Achieve Digital Transformation 

Case Study

Every week, millions of customers shop at this grocery chain’s thousands of stores across the eastern US. Every store relies on its technology to offer shoppers the best experiences, manage their inventories, and keep operations running smoothly. 

A top priority is ensuring customers have the best possible omnichannel retail experiences that seamlessly marry eCommerce with brick-and-mortar locations. The company has put a lot of thought and effort into making the customer shopping experience easier and improving retail store processes and execution. Reaching those goals depends heavily on technology. For example, associates need mobile devices to serve customers effectively anywhere—including curbside. Managers need actionable data to understand workflows and shopper behavior to make improvements. 

Time for Change 

To implement the transformative advantages of mobile technology, the company wanted multi-use devices that would improve the omnichannel experience for customers and streamline and improve associate workflows for higher productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. Planners envisioned a rugged state-of-the-art solution that associates could use for everything from inventory tracking to production in departments like the bakery or deli.   

Zebra Devices Selected 

To get the ruggedness and cutting-edge capabilities it wanted for its initiative, the company chose Stratix and Zebra Technologies as its preferred partners. Stratix recommended two handheld options and two tablet options, and the company made its selections: 

  • Zebra TC53 mobile computers 
    With a 6-inch screen, class-leading processing power, and blazing-fast connectivity, the Zebra TC53 gives associates faster and more reliable access to the information they need to get their jobs done. Enhanced scanning allows an associate to scan something up to 40 feet away, and up-to-the-minute inventory accuracy improves the omnichannel experience for customers. 
  • ET40 enterprise tablets 
    The Zebra ET40 is the choice for associates who need a larger screen. It has the horsepower to run even the most demanding applications. Power options keep the tablets running over multiple shifts, and it’s so rugged it can be dropped in a grocery store parking lot with no problem. 

Stratix Makes it Happen 

To deploy and support a project of this magnitude involving tens of thousands of TC53 and ET40 devices, the company counted on Stratix lifecycle services. We have the scale and expertise to rapidly kit, configure, and deploy hundreds of devices a day through our advanced Mobile Integration Center. Each device was set up using our proprietary ProCheck configuration system with the required applications and endpoint management software. Our rigorous quality control checks ensure against errors before devices were shipped out-of-the-box ready. 

Once the devices were in the hands of associates, our onshore help desk team was standing by 24/7 to answer any questions or assist with problems. Not only do our help desk technicians reduce productivity-reducing downtime, but they also significantly decrease so-called “no fault found” returns, where a device is sent back for repair when it was an issue that could have been solved in the field.  

Better and Faster 

With their new Zebra devices in stores, the company reports significant productivity improvements and data collection thanks to the power of the new technology. Associates report better user experiences for themselves and their customers. As it continues to innovate, the company is looking for new use cases and agile workflow enhancements using the TC53 and ET40s. The goal is to leverage every advantage to create the best omnichannel retail operations possible and take an even bigger share of the US retail grocery market.