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Downtime is Crippling

When enterprise mobile solutions fail, it impacts productivity, workflows, and revenue. The cost of downtime includes poor user and customer experiences.

Keeping enterprise mobility downtime to a minimum involves quick and easy support channels and a ready-to-go inventory of plug-and-play backups that can be pre-staged, configured and deployed to your end-users overnight.

But many organizations struggle with their mobile device management operations—both with what's already deployed and maintaining a pool of spares. Equipment has to be serviced and kept in a ready-now state. There must be a comprehensive system for tracking where everything is and its current status. Then, there are the logistics challenges of getting devices where they need to go as fast as possible.


A Well-Run Spare Pool Minimizes Downtime

Reserves at the Ready

You can take the burden off internal IT teams and reduce downtime when you partner with a managed mobility services provider like Stratix. We're experts in managing customer inventory, mobile device deployment, and exchange logistics. We do it for thousands of devices.

We oversee your stock of reserve equipment and use our propriety itrac360 tool to keep an eye on all devices, their break/fix status, and if there are enough replacements on hand.

Our logistics team sends replacements overnight and ensures that the broken device comes back for evaluation, repair, or replacement.

The data you get on performance and asset status drives cost savings and better purchasing decisions.

Keep Devices at the Ready

Real-Time Visibility

Our propriety itrac360 system gives you a single-pane-of-glass view into your entire enterprise mobility solution to see device statuses, order tracking, repairs, and spare pool levels.

Actionable Analytics

Get a maximum return on your investment and plan strategy with comprehensive data showing program history, trends, and KPIs.


When combined with our Mobile Help Desk service, we can talk users through problems, so fewer devices need to be swapped out—reducing end-user downtime.

Plug and Play

We deliver out-of-the-box-ready devices quickly, every time, to the end users who need them wherever they are.

Fast Turnaround

Our certified and trained enterprise mobility experts can repair devices or manage repairs through an OEM to quickly return them to your spare pool inventory.

Manage Costs

We maintain precise spare pool inventory levels, so there are enough replacements on hand, so you're not paying for extras you don't need.

Fact Sheet: Managed Custom Inventory

Stratix can manage your inventory in multiple ways to suit your specific workflows and organizational structure.

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Why Stratix?

We're a single point of contact with best-in-class customer ratings that can ensure you always have a ready-to-go spare pool of devices available. Our Advanced Exchange team quickly deploys equipment wherever it needs to go to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Let us sweat the tech.

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