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Lifesaving Training Improved with Mobile Device Support

Case Study

Comprehensive Device Lifecycle Management and Post-Deployment Assistance Reduces Downtime 

The Challenge 

One of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare workforce development offers resuscitation training using manikins connected to an iPad app via Bluetooth. The real-time feedback and data generated exponentially improves the quality of instruction and helps trainees perfect their skills. What the company lacked was a support infrastructure for the program. When problems occurred, there wasn’t call center support or an end-to-end system to repair or replace broken equipment. The internal IT team didn’t have the resources to provide the kind of 24/7 remote assistance and device replacement/repair that the program required. 

The Ask 

The company wanted a Managed Mobile Services partner that offers comprehensive support and device management. To improve end user experiences and reduce downtime, the ask included continuous call center support and complete device lifecycle services—along with real-time visibility of all the training assets and their repair status.  

The Solution 

Stratix took over the configuration of the manikins and iPads. They’re now delivered out-of-the-box ready to hospitals and training centers. Once deployed, our 24/7 support center is there to answer any questions and walk users through issues like establishing connectivity or logging in, etc. 

The solution includes spare pool management and rapid repair turnaround for any device issues that can’t be solved with a phone call.  

With itrac360, Stratix provides a single, configurable dashboard for the entire program with a real-time view of every device’s status and location.  

The Result 

Before partnering with Stratix, resuscitation training equipment was sent out to training facilities where the end users had to figure out for themselves how to pair the manikins with the iPads. There was no easy way to call for help when there were problems. 

Now that the program has comprehensive post-deployment support, any issues are addressed quickly and completely. That has minimized downtime so that caregivers can focus on getting the lifesaving training they need when they need it. 

The company projects resuscitation training will be its fastest growth segment through 2023, and it estimates it’ll need 4,000 more devices.