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Enterprise Wearables and IoT

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Enterprise Wearables

Mobile devices that can be worn like wearable computers, smartwatches, smart glasses, bracelets, ring scanners, headgear, and other technology can take your enterprise mobility solutions to the next level for productivity and user experiences.

Stratix has deep experience with enterprise wearables and our team can help you evaluate, test, deploy, and support solutions to ensure they’re easy to use and deliver on your expectations.

We partner with leading enterprise wearable makers like Apple, Samsung, and Zebra, and we’re constantly evaluating new technology to see how it can help our customers.

Let us show you how new wearable technology can improve your operations.

Enterprise IoT

The growth of 5G with its faster speeds, lower latency, and ability to connect more devices means new opportunities in enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Data from sensors and smart cameras can revolutionize manufacturing, workflows, logistics, inventory management, and asset tracking.

But adding enterprise IoT devices increases the complexity of your mobile environment, and you must ensure they're secure, well-managed, and supported.

Stratix partners with leading enterprise mobility management providers to help you get the visibility and control required.

Need help evaluating and selecting the right enterprise IoT solutions for your organization? Stratix experts have the knowledge you can count on.


Enterprise Wearables and IoT

Stratix Enterprise Mobility Wearables Partners

Apple Authorized Value-Added Reseller

Stratix collaborates with Apple and its ecosystem of partners to provide end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions that include Apple Watch and other wearable accessories that are Apple-compatible.

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Samsung Authorized Ascend Titanium Partner

Stratix excels in the procurement, lifecycle management, and support of the entire portfolio of Samsung devices, including wearables like the Galaxy Watch.

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Zebra Premier Solution Partner

Our strategic partnership with Zebra gives you turnkey enterprise wearable solutions, including computers, scanners, and head-mounted displays.

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Complete Services

Stratix offers total solutions that include devices, enterprise mobility management, and 24x7x365 support from a single source to take away the complexity for your organization.

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Deep Experience

Wearables and IoT are new technologies for many companies, but Stratix has decades of enterprise mobility experience. We can guide you to the right solutions.

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Increase Efficiency

Enterprise Mobility Management solutions from Stratix speed procurement and staging, help integrate devices into your ecosystem, and automate maintenance and security to help reduce the workload for internal IT teams.

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