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Imagine the Possibilities of a Connected Hotel

Check out our interactive video that shows all the ways that SmartMobile solutions from Stratix and Samsung
can improve collaboration, efficiency, and the guest experience.

Check Out from Inefficient Operations

Much of the hospitality industry still relies on analog workflows that are slow and detract from guest experiences. While booking, room management, and billing are usually digital, little of what happens after guests arrive is automated.

Whether it's the front desk and concierge services, valet, housekeeping, maintenance, restaurant operations, or on-site event and entertainment logistics, relying on dated technology or pen and paper adds up to wasted resources and unnecessary costs.

When you're not using mobile technology across all hospitality operations, you're missing opportunities to accelerate productivity, streamline operations, and create the best possible guest experiences.

Enterprise Mobility for Smart Hotels

Mobile technology in the hospitality industry is revolutionizing operations. With mobile devices and wearables, you get communications, collaboration, and workflows that are intelligent and seamless.

For housekeeping and maintenance, task management is automated and updated in real-time, so associates know what's next and have the information they need to complete assignments. Proximity technology increases efficiency and contributes to better strategies.

Front desk, concierge, and valet services synchronize better with state-of-the-art communications.

Events and food services can leverage smart TVs in rooms and tableside ordering tablets to speed up and improve service for great guest experiences.

Hospitality Mobile Technology Solutions


Speed up and automate check-in for guests with self-service lobby kiosks. Proximity technology can personalize service from the first second a guest arrives on the property.


With P2P voice communications, chat, and automated task management, the entire team at a property works collaboratively through mobile devices and wearables.

Smart Food Service

With tableside or in-room ordering, menus can be constantly updated, ordering and payment automated, and communication between food preparation and delivery becomes seamless.

Expert Strategies

Stratix solution architects can consult with you to design mobile hospitality technology blueprints that are tailored specifically to your needs and business goals.

Lower TCO

Stratix Device as a Service plans help you deploy the latest mobile hospitality technology for convenient and predictable cost-per-device fees that move CAPEX to OPEX.

Industry-Leading Support

Stratix help desk technicians—who consistently earn 70+ NPS scores—are easily available 24x7x365 to solve problems for your people.

The Stratix Advantage for Hospitality

We're partnered with leading mobile hospitality technology companies developing the most innovative solutions for the industry.
We can be your single source for mobile technology in the hospitality industry, including solution design, device procurement, deployment, lifecycle maintenance, and support. One hand to shake makes it easy and reliable.
Large and complex deployments are our specialty. We give your hospitality employees an out-of-the-box-ready experience, so they're ready to help guests on day one.
We do everything in-house with dedicated facilities for provisioning, repair, and spare pool management so replacement devices can be delivered next-day.
Our proprietary itrac360 asset management portal gives you a holistic view of your entire mobile environment for better analytics, strategy planning, and cost control.
Our automated endpoint management tools ensure that devices are up-to-date and protected to prevent downtime and security breaches.

Improve Efficiency and Guest Experiences with Mobile Hospitality Solutions

Mobile hospitality solutions for connected hotels that are easy to use, rugged, and help you achieve significant performance improvements.

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Make Franchise Mobile Technology Easy with Stratix 

Build a uniform technology environment across franchise locations to ensure the best brand experience for customers.

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Mobile Technology Partner Ecosystem

Our certified expertise across all major OEMs and platforms allows us to deliver an unparalleled hospitality industry mobile experience for your associates and guests.

Leverage mobile hospitality technology to improve your operations.

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