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Nevada-based Hotel and Casino Industry Leader

Case Study

Deploying, managing, and supporting mobility devices for high-roller and shift-based staff programs


This hospitality giant faced many challenges in managing a large fleet of Wi-Fi-based devices and a largely mobile-enabled workforce. The complex environment includes high device velocity, a wide variety in types of mobile users (both employees and guests), shared versus personal devices, high device wear and tear, and a very low adoption rate of its BYOD policies.


Stratix’s deployment services were engaged to manage the hospitality company’s “shift-based” devices more effectively. Stratix also worked directly with the CFO to develop a BYOD strategy, gaining cross-organizational alignment with the plan. Stratix helped create a new BYOD policy that established trust across the company’s 400 salespeople. The sales team is considered “on the job” 24/7, and BYOD adoption was critical to eliminate the need for corporate-owned devices, which helped the CFO achieve the goal of saving $2 million in mobile costs.


Stratix was able to get to the essence of the concerns the sales representatives had with the company’s BYOD policies. Addressing these concerns with new policies and education enabled the company to execute its mobile strategies while improving end-user satisfaction.