Zebra Devices Improve Ambulatory Healthcare Delivery  - Stratix

Zebra Devices Improve Ambulatory Healthcare Delivery 

Solution Brief

Technology Solutions Help Caregivers Provide Better Service with Fewer Frustrations 

Success in ambulatory surgery centers depends on great patient outcomes delivered as efficiently and accurately as possible. Old methods that are heavy on paperwork mean less speed, more chances for mistakes, and more employee burnout in an industry that’s seeing a combination of higher demand and a shrinking supply of workers. 

80% of clinicians and 87% of executives agree patient care would improve if nurses, clinicians, and nonclinical healthcare workers had collaboration tools and healthcare applications. 

2022 Zebra Global Healthcare Vision Study 

Zebra and Stratix improve healthcare outcomes with purpose-built devices backed with industry-leading support to give caregivers exactly what they need in interconnected systems that enhance everything from admissions to inventory management and surgery. 

Zebra Technology Empowers Caregivers 

Consolidate workflows into fewer tools that are easy to carry and big on features. Improve your operational efficiency while delivering better around-the-clock patient care with greater accuracy. 

Zebra Mobile Computers 
TC52x-HC Series | TC21-HC/TC26-HC 

  • Access to EMR, imaging, lab results and other records at your fingertips 
  • Industry-specific applications 
  • Easy collaboration with teams anywhere 
  • More secure than personal devices and compliant with patient information rules 
  • Disinfectant ready 
  • Built-in barcode scanning with 1D/2D data capture 
  • Compatible with RFID software for seamless inventory tracking 
  • Long-lasting batteries 

Zebra Printers 

ZD510 Healthcare Wristband Printer | ZD410 Healthcare Desktop Printer 

  • Easy to load 
  • Antimicrobial wristbands available 
  • Small size works in constrained workspaces 
  • High-quality thermal printing 

Zebra Healthcare Solutions are Even Better with Stratix Managed Mobile Services 

Stratix excels in the end-to-end management of Zebra mobile devices. Our services include: 

  • Mobile solution consulting – We can help you design a healthcare technology program with Zebra devices that’s precisely tailored to your unique clinical needs. 
  • Project management – We’re experts in managing all the details of large-scale mobile solution programs to keep them on time and on budget. Our certified program managers are experienced in complex healthcare rollouts. 
  • Superior mobile deployment – Our U.S. advanced Mobile Integration Center kits and configures thousands of devices with a personalized out-of-the-box-ready experience, so equipment arrives ready-to-go. We offer onsite services coordinated with device configuration that reduces setup and adoption time. 
  • Endpoint management – Our automated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools power ongoing device management and endpoint security—including upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting. EMM helps keep devices running smoothly while taking the burden off IT staff.   
  • itrac360 – Our proprietary asset management portal gives you a comprehensive view of all mobile assets, from procurement, provisioning, and activation through repair, support, expense management, and decommissioning. It’s an easy way to monitor and analyze your Zebra technology environment and maximize your investment.   
  • Industry-leading support – Highly-trained experts staff our on-shore 24/7 help desk that healthcare workers can reach out to anytime from anywhere. We also offer rapid repair turnaround and spare pool management to minimize downtime. 
  • Zebra authorized service – As a Zebra Premier Solution Partner, we offer dual-layered services combining Zebra and Stratix for lifecycle management and device repairs by certified technicians. 
  • Mobile Device as a Service – Zebra hardware, software, and services rolled into a convenient monthly per-device price. 

With Stratix, you get a healthcare expert that understands the unique needs of the industry. As a Zebra PartnerConnect® member, we have access to the best pricing and technical knowledge. Stratix provides unparalleled service, and we have the industry-leading Net Promoter Score to prove it. 

Why Stratix 

As North America’s premier enterprise mobility specialist, Stratix focuses exclusively on mobility services and has over three million devices under management. Our services are backed by specialized teams to consult, deploy, manage and support your healthcare technology program, guaranteeing nonstop mobility for your team.  

Why Zebra 

As the pioneer in enterprise mobility, Zebra Technologies serves thousands of customers, including many of the world’s top companies. Zebra solutions can be found working behind the scenes in most industries, connecting workers to the data they need and guiding them with clear and accurate insights while optimizing workflows, operations, and decisions in real time for efficient, impactful results.