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Rein in Technology Costs

With so many employees and devices within organizations—often widely distributed—telecom and technology expense management can be a complex puzzle that challenges even the most experienced IT and financial teams.

Stratix experts can help you monitor, manage, and track your various wireless, wireline, and cloud services to understand your organization's total spending and reduce telecom costs.

We deliver real-time reporting and management of your technology expenses and inventory for a holistic view of devices and the carrier services associated with them.

Our technology expense management services bring business intelligence and reporting suitable for executive-level informed spending decisions to optimize your total cost of ownership.

Go Beyond Telecom

As organizations add more and more technology and devices every year, companies face the challenge of keeping up with all of it to make sure resources are properly allocated and utilized.

That includes devices and all the software licenses assigned to them, such as endpoint management solutions or collaboration tools like Microsoft Office.

Through technology expense management audits and optimization with Stratix, you can find the right balance of costs and give your teams the tools they need for maximum productivity while saving on critical operating expenses.

Stratix Telecom and Expense Management Partners

Maximize Your ROI with Technology Expense Management

Streamlined Telecom Management

Our convenient telecom expense management dashboard handles spending for all carrier-connected mobile devices and hotspots. Landline expenses and cloud services.

Optimize Your Technology

Ensure that you have precisely the right number of software licenses for your employees and devices so they have the required resources while nothing is wasted.

Cost Reduction

Drive ROI by rightsizing your technology spending with your needs. We offer service optimization and manage each invoice for inconsistencies in billing errors, dispute management, and late fees across all vendors—all in one portal.

Reduce Telecom Spend

Right-size your data plans and add flexible features, to drive savings in both usage and pricing.

Network Activation

Device activation with the carrier of your choice, so it arrives ready to go, out of the box, ensuring a great user experience.

Wireless and Wireline Billing

We provide integrated billing audits and optimization for communications services across your enterprise.

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