About Stratix Mobile Managed Service Provider

About Stratix

We’re Mobile-First Evangelists

Mobile solutions improve workflows, increase automation, and create better experiences for users and customers. That's why Stratix believes in mobile-first—or mobile-only—strategies which put mobile at the heart of planning, operations, and the user experience. As 5G availability grows, business use cases are expanding, and mobile is even more essential to the success of organizations.

We're Customer Obsessed

Implementing mobile solutions can be challenging, but Stratix is the most-experienced pure-play enterprise mobility specialist in the U.S., and there's no one better to help you navigate the complexities of mobile. Our mission is to make mobile solutions convenient, easy, and cost-effective for our customers. We leverage nearly four decades of expertise to accelerate and inspire mobility transformation for some of the world's largest organizations. Stratix's SmartMobile programs ensure each customer has the right technology, tools, and support programs in place to stay ahead.


Why Customers Choose Stratix

We're the Most Experienced

Stratix opened its doors in 1983. Our roots are founded in mobile as supply chain consultants with a vision to help businesses capitalize on technology to streamline their operations and increase productivity.

We've continually adapted our business model to ensure we always meet and exceed the mobility needs of our clients. Along the way, we've created key partnerships, expanded our capabilities, and added high-value enterprise managed mobility services.

Today, we're a trusted, long-term advisor for leading Fortune 500 brands, schools, and healthcare organizations—many of whom have been with us since the beginning.


The Stratix Story

How We Do It Better

Out of the Box Thinking
From solution design through endpoint management and support, our customized programs are delivered with your employees in mind. And, when it's not available off the shelf, our specialty products group makes ideas a reality leveraging our engineering expertise and 3D printing technology.
The Stratix itrac360 platform provides easy access to your data and the ability to customize your views, create custom reports and notifications. It's a single pane of glass for all your mobile asset management needs.
Reputation of Excellence
We deliver high-quality results throughout your journey, from 99.9% on-time deployment delivery to a Net Promoter Score 80+, supporting your teams with the best available industry outcomes. We do everything in-house and have dedicated facilities for device cleaning, repair, and spare-pool inventory, enabling us to deliver ready-to-go replacement devices and accessories as early as the next day.
Industry Knowledge
Our Mobile Solutions Architects' deep, industry-specific knowledge and expertise make us an ideal partner to craft mobile programs to support a wide variety of use cases—including restaurants, retail, aviation, ground transportation, MFG supply chain, field services, healthcare, education, and hospitality.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
We make it possible to create a better mobile blueprint even in times of constrained expenditures and limited budgets via flexible financing models such as Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS). Our SmartMobile programs enable total operational efficiency—driving down operating costs.

Ready to Maximize your Mobility?

With a little information on your unique business processes, we can create a smart mobile managed service program that delivers exactly what you need to Run, Improve, and Grow your business.

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